Huddy "The Choice" and Beyond: All Things Huddy Discussion Thread

HuddyJoy0524 posted on May 03, 2010 at 11:43PM
So...I still dont really like that title...but it will have to do i guess lol.

We were really starting to pile on the posts back at the lovely Huddy Limbo and i figured it would be a good idea to start over for the last 3 episodes of the season. I have a strong feeling that there is going to be a LOT to discuss and a clean slate will allow us to continue speculating away! :D

So bring on the Huddy!!! And if you have any vodka or brownies make sure to bring them too they go good together and with Huddy ;)

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Больше года mysuspicionis said…
copying and posting from last thread: Well, here's hoping for the best and coping for the worst. I will see everyone later after my exile ;) If Cuddy is the woman House is with (someone had the theory that perhaps they would trick us in this manner) and they reveal this in flashbacks of Baggage I will hear everyone screaming even with my computer off! I can't wait for this episode (where at least Cuddy may be mentioned to Nolan) and the potential stitches scene in the finale! Have lots of fun and I'll miss everyone.
Больше года Belle0308 said…
I haven't seen the episode yet. My daughter had a band concert so I missed it and my tape was set an hour off! I hope to see it tomorrow. Anyway, I don't know what happened but I did see the Huddy scene and I adore it.
Больше года HuddyJoy0524 said…
Ok so I have to say that episode was...a lot of things.

I felt renewed and devastated at the same time. The scene at the end was so honest that it was heartbreaking. But I loved it. Cuddy was finally trying to reach out to him and House told her like it was: the truth. He can't be friends with her because it hurts too badly, he loves her. And she cant deny that anymore, it was clear as day.

I think the significant part was that Cuddy noticed it and it hurt her too. It's like she's been trying to stay close to House while dating Lucas at the same time and I think that it has finally hit her that she cant have both. She's gonna have to choose. Hence, the title of the episode is foreshadowing the choice that Cuddy's going to have to make.

P.S. This House drinking thing is really starting to scare you all think that hes gonna turn to drinking instead of Vicodin? Will that cause a meltdown at the end of the season? I know it has to be because its the only other thing thats taking away his leg pain.

Hey @Belle! Glad to see you back! I was just wondering where you had been a day or 2 ago. Come back and join us as soon as you have the time! XD

@mysus we'll miss your insights! Come back soon! :)
Больше года bluehue said…
@HudJoy, You did it, congrats..& forum title is splendid! Also..your episode summary was spot on.

**SPOILERY** ("The Choice"). long last..some emotional impact that matters..big time.
Turning point material.
I am actually relieved. Our House is not about to “settle” or make a second “choice” for role as friend. It is ALL or nothing. Really..would we expect anything less? This is exactly who this man is..and how he thinks and performs as a doctor.
Right @hudjoy..”it is as clear as day” is out in the open for Cuddy to hear and grasp at the meaning of..let it begin to sink in.
It seems that speaking those words knocked the wind out of a near out of body experience..except for the immediate pain to both leg & heart. No consolation except pouring a sad beyond measure right now..very sad.
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Больше года rosehustle1 said…
I'm glad he told Cuddy that. She actually kind of annoyed me in this episode. The only time she seeks him out all season is when he starts to break down a bit, but the whole rest of the season when he was walking the line she acted like he didn't exist. What does this say about her? She only really likes him when he's a self-destructive mess that she can take care of? That's not right or fair to him and all the progress he has made. And it's not right of her to still be with Lucas and think that House should just forget about his feelings for her so that they can be 'friends.' She didn't care about being his friend all season but now that he's falling apart and Lucas isn't around she wants to be there for him. I really don't like the way they've written her this year. I'm so glad House didn't allow her to put him in that uncomfortable situation.
Больше года HuddyJoy0524 said…
@BH thanks! ;) I'm glad that you like it i was brainstorming all afternoon! lol. Yeah that episode was indeed very sad. I saw it that way too (knocking the wind out of House) it was almost as if it took the last bit of breath out of him. Like it was all he was holding onto and now that hes released it its been finally put into the open and he almost doesnt know what to do anymore. and i think that it IS finally sinking in for Cuddy.

@rosehustle I dont think that that is Cuddy's intended reasoning. I think that part of it is that Cuddy wants to fix him. She wants to make him better, kind of like Cameron did, except Cuddy hasnt given up like Cam has.

But I dont think that she likes him only when hes a self destructive mess. I think that she cares very deeply for him and is trying to hide that from herself. The point is that shes been lying to herself this entire season. she has seen that hes been making progress and thinks to herself, ok hes doing fine he doesnt need me. she notices when hes starting to hurt again tho because she really is watching out for him as much as she denies it.

i also dont think that cuddy really understood houses feelings for her until now. he screwed with her terribly in season 5 and hurt her really bad. so when he came back from mayfield and started to pursue her, i dont think she took him as seriously as he was being. but now...whoa. the end of the choice said it all. she was reaching out to him, letting him know she cared and he basically told her how deeply he was in love with her and how much it hurt him to see her with someone else and how he cant settle for less than together: it tortures him. and cuddy finally saw that.

I think that this is finally setting the grounds for the upcoming finale and the fact that huddy is going to be all or nothing. it just raises the stakes that much higher.
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Больше года koch89 said…
Yes i agree cuddy going to have to make a choice i just hope her choice is not lucas.


rumor has it he planing to propose to her in the season finale and she happy about it. although other reports say that we don't know what her answer will be and it will end in the episode as a cliff hanger.
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Больше года Beatrix8520 said…
Guyyyyssss! I just finished watching it!!! It was fabulous!!! I just loved this ep! I am still overexcited!! :D

I knew the writer was good, but God! the script was amazing!! I loved every little detail...the Taub sub-plot and the fact that he recognized House was not trying to sabotage his marrige but to help him save it...the spirit and the humor...the POTW's case was sooooo intriguing XD

Shall we talk about the final Huddy scene? I have almost lost all my hope for an Huddy moment at that point :D Did you see the close ups on their faces? Oh my...I am hiperventilating XD

"I think that it has finally hit her that she cant have both. She's gonna have to choose. Hence, the title of the episode is foreshadowing the choice that Cuddy's going to have to make"


You have hit it on the head, my dear :) Not only she is called to make a choice but, as the spoilers said (even if they turned out to be only partially true) House was called to make a choice too, between Cuddy and his own needs...this is huge guys! It's the very first time he tells her straightforwardly he DO NOT WANT THEM TO BE FRIENDS AT ALL...I mean, one thing was to say "you make me feel funny"...another is the seriousness of this scene...and Cuddy!!! She looked seriously hurt...she can't deny it anymore, now she knows for sure he WANTS her as he has never had.

BTW not only it takes a great deal of courage for House to say it out loud (I still feel the urge to hug him! :P) but the very fact he is FINALLY ready to accept the painful consequences of admitting that, once again, in front of her and TO HIMSELF....God!!....I am really overwhelmed by the intensity of this ep!

On the alcholism threat, I do believe it's just a threat they are tossing around in order to scare the hell out of us, but I seriously doubt they would make the season end with another rehab session "scheduled" for the next season premiere...sounds too trite. There can't be an apocalyptic end of the same kind every season...and I think alcholism is too much of a challenge then to let Huddy progress....Maybe Wilson or Cuddy herself are gonna find out in time and House is gonna stop before it gets an issue for him.

I can't picture Cuddy reciving a marriage proposal from Lucas...sounds too soapy to me. I don't think the choice is about marriage at all. I think the point is: you may keep living a life you have imposed upon yourself in order to feel "straight", normal, comfortable with can accept who you are, the people you love and your very nature and run your risks at being happy.

Next ep maybe will be just as awesome! Five stars to this one! :D


Your title is awesome @HJ...anyway if Huddy shows in it, that's enough for me XD
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Больше года thatship said…
I think this episode was amazing,in regard to House's feelings. I think is the first time House open his heart honestly. Cuddy's face is a picture...YES CUDDY,YES!! he's telling you openly what he feels...YES!HOUSE!!!!!!and now is your turn to make a Beatrix says "You can keep living a life you are impose upon yourself in order to feel straight, normal, confortable with yourself..." that "easy" life, can run your risks and try to stay with the man you really love (no matter how difficult). WHAT IS IT???.......I'M DYING TO KNOW! xD
Больше года salemslot said…
HuddyJoy0524, I agree with what you said in your post except the part where you said that Cuddy wants to fix House. That's the big difference between Cuddy and Cameron, Cuddy never wanted to do that because she believes there's nothing to fix! The only thing she has ever wanted him to do was to get off Vicodin and be happy.

The ball is in Cuddy's court now and we came full circle to what happened (or didn't) in LTEC. "Are you screwing with me"? House made his intentions clear and the theme of the POTW really struck hard at me because it also implied that Cuddy(POTW) has to make the decision between the girl, the safest choice which is Lucas and the dangerous one with a lot of implications on many levels(emotional,professional etc) which is House. Cuddy can't have the cake and eat it anymore, she has to decide.
Больше года HuddyJoy0524 said…
@koch oh gosh i really hope that spoiler is not true but ive been hearing it fly around for a couple weeks now.

Thanks @Bea I really did try! lol. I too was overwhelmed with the intensity of the episode and think that it was filmed that way defintiely on purpose. Remember, you did mention that it was the same guy that did Joy, Unfaithful, etc and he pulled through again for "The Choice." I still cant get over how much emotion and depth House and Cuddy had in just a short minute and a half scene. I think it was amazing.

I agree too, that they prob wont do an apocalyptic ending. But its going to be crazy intense and I think that they may leave House in a severely broken state. Maybe what will happen is that Cuddy or Wilson realizes at the last second that hes been turning to alcohol and prevents another catastrophe?

@alemslot i agree with your analyzation as well. i think that TPTB were definitely attempting to imply cuddy as the manifestation of the episodes title. and i love your analogy to LTEC that was a great episode and so significant too! ;)

By the way, I was thinking last night, has anyone actually confirmed the stitches scene? We've been speculating at it for a little while now and I would be very ver upset if we got to the episode expecting it and it turns out not to be there anyone who knows where they read it and can check?

Больше года LipschitzWrath said…
I have to say, that episode was awesome! I say that not just because of the Huddy scene, either. The show was funny and also had some good side-stories. Someone else mentioned it, but I think one of the most underrated things about that episode was the Taub storyline. House was trying to save their marriage for God's sake!!! That is nothing short of mind-blowing. House has definitely changed!

Now, the alcohol thing was also important. Remember, the writers tend to make things very obvious that they want you to notice. For example, you notice how House was in immediate pain after his encounter with Cuddy, which he then chose to numb with alcohol. I think the writers want you to notice that because they are headed that direction. They are showing that this Huddy situation is "coming to a head", so to speak. And something's gotta give.

The spoilers about the finale are interesting. With this episode, I can now at least see how it is plausible that House does something stupid that endangers his life because he doesn't feel like it's worth living anymore. His best friend is slowly distancing away from him, which is forcing him to hang out with new people (his team). Even though he had fun (I thought that karaoke scene was pretty cool), it's still the principle - Wilson is picking Sam over him.

Secondarily, the woman he loves is dating someone else. I thought it was AWESOME how he handled that scene with her. Speaking from experience, I can tell you that being "just friends" with a woman you love is one of the hardest and tiring things I've ever done. As y'all have said, it's better to make it an "all or nothing" deal. I'm glad he did. And it was a wake-up call to Cuddy, too.

I can't get over how House handled it. He wasn't accusatory or demanding, just honest and sincere. He told her what he wanted without asking her for anything. He is basically holding the door open for her, letting her decide if she wants to come inside or not. And the situation has attained a new level of "realism" for Cuddy.

Hopefully she realized that she can't straddle the fence anymore. She can either be with Lucas and NOT be friends with House, or she can go all in with House. But no more being friends with House AND dating Lucas. It baffled me how House seemed so indifferent to what she would choose. He's probably just exhausted from being in the "friend zone" when he wants to be anywhere but. I can relate.

All in all, the episode was amazing. I hope it is a sign of things to come. Similar to House, I just want the writers to address the Huddy situation, whether it be good or bad. If they have Lucas and Cuddy get married, then fine. I don't care anymore (TBH, Cuddy's been looking less and less attractive to me lately - 13 on the other hand...). Just get Huddy together or smash it into a million pieces DAMNIT! Quit ignoring the storyline. As I sometimes say, "shit or get off the pot".

It's my birthday today and I am stuck here at work. I have to say tho, I got an excellent gift from the Fox people last night...
Больше года playingcold said…
I couldn't watch the episode yet, only the last scene. I'll have to wait till tomorrow I think because I won't have time. After that, I'll share my thoughts too.

@LW - Happy birthday!!! The cake is for you! :)
Больше года Beatrix8520 said…
First things first...Happy Birthday @LW! :D

I loved this sentence of yours, which sums it all and perfecrtly express my very own emotional state:

"I can't get over how House handled it. He wasn't accusatory or demanding, just honest and sincere. He told her what he wanted without asking her for anything. He is basically holding the door open for her, letting her decide if she wants to come inside or not"



I told you the writer was amazingly talented!!! Remember Unfaithful? How many Huddy moments where there? 3? How intense was that? XD
How long did it last the Huddy scene in this ep? 2 minutes? Awesome!
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Больше года bluehue said…
OH..HAPPY Birthday!! @LW. Helped myself to some cake. (Mmm..delicious @pc).

Good post BTW..and Queen @Bea already highlighted my favorite quote. (Definately a well written you predicted).

@hudjoy, to partly answer your question, the "stitches scenario" came from @belle..way back on pg. 4 of "Huddy Limbo." I took it to be an unconfirmed spoiler b/c she mentioned not knowing if it was true. Our speculations have rather brought it to life though. (Almost counting on it).

@salemslot..Great to see you here!! You reminded me of the "Frozen she-shrink" who told House, “I didn't say you needed fixing." during that laptop physical. House's ears sure perked up at that remark. Funny how HOUSE lines stay with you and then come back a new light of day. (Oh p.s. BSG S1 is on the way!).
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Больше года Mrs_House said…
"She only really likes him when he's a self-destructive"
I don't think its the fact that she only likes him when he's a mess but it easier to ignore her feelings when he isn't a mess but can't help but care when he is.

i am lookining forward to the next episode. i can't believe wilson is choosing sam over house especially after he told nolan that he would keep an eye on house, i think this is going to backfire and leave wilson feeling guilty or to blame when house falls off the rails. i don't even know where house i going to go. possibility of places to go are nolan, old apparatment if he still has it, chase's, taub's or cuddy. i don't think it would be cuddy could you imagine house, cuddy and lucas under one roof that would be interesting.

i loved the last scene in the choice house did what we have wanted him to do for ages its just up to cuddy to make the desision that she has been avioding all season lets just hope she makes the right one for her and house.
Больше года wendus92 said…
The last scene simply blew my mind. It was so simple, yet so powerful and definite. I agree with the coments above. This is why the episode was called "The Choice.." It's now up to Cuddy to make her mind up.
Больше года Beatrix8520 said…

"the "stitches scenario" came from @belle..way back on pg. 4 of "Huddy Limbo."

You're amazing! How did you find it? XD


"it easier to ignore her feelings when he isn't a mess but can't help but care when he is"

Definetely. I had the very same thought. She is not like Cam...she didn't show up because she is obsessed by saving people from their fate...she didn't even think he actually needed to be fixed at all, in first place! She had been in love with him, consciously or unconsiously, for years and the thought of making him actually change had rarely crossed her mind. The fact that House was forced to adress his addition to vicodin last season is merely a collateral damage to the dead end he had reached caused to his stubborness and selfish behaviour in relatioships....
But all in all they are a perfect match just the way they are, were and always will be...well, of course they need to smooth the rough edges off, but what couple has not to do so?
Especially in the past and ocasionally this season in some eps they have always sounded like two minds in tune...but the "bad connection" between the two of them has been one of the most painful things to watch this season...I hope we are heading to a better one again...and that the time this time won't be off.

See @BH...I am back with my Huddy enthusiasm after all XD I can't stay away too much...Huddy attracts me like a magnet ;) It's too tempting to resist :D

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Больше года HuddyJoy0524 said…
@Bea I really am glad that he got to write an episode that came towards the end. It has been such a long and hard wait but i think it was worth it to have that small moment. It ties the entire season together and gives us the stakes straight up. The last 2 episodes are going to define it.

That could mean the stitches thing isnt real...if i get a couple minutes in the next week im gonna research that and figure out if its really legitimate. I really hope that it is because we have made it come alive in a few short weeks and it would be terrible if it turned out not to be true! :(

@Mrs_House I agree with you I think Wilson doing this to House is gonna backfire terribly. Choosing your gf/bf over your best friend hurts. I've had friends do that to me before and even when i had other people to turn to it was still really painful and really really hurt me. House has no one. It's gonna be like a knife in the back. Maybe Wilson is thinking that if he does this it will force House to get out there and repair things himself? Idk...its gonna be intense regardless.

And Happy Birthday @LW!!! *sings* XD

@Bea we posted at the same time! I agree with the above. They are like 2 radio signals that are fighting each other instead of just blending into one. They'll get there eventually. I still think that all of this frurstration and heartache this season has a purpose and is important to them finding each other.

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Больше года Beatrix8520 said…
On to the Huddy finale and the well-known and gossiped "stiches scene"...

A day-dreaming fanfictional scenario...for you ;)


Cuddy (she still looks worried and serious): I don't really know what were YOU thinking...You could have been...ended up injured, paralized, killed! (She looks annoyed at his easiness but she is clearly relieved) Stay still, I have not finished yet...(she keeps giving stiches to his head)

House: Ouch! I wasn't thinking, I was...I didn't have the time to think, ok...just..Ouch!(he moves away from her, to stare into her eyes...for a second it looks like they are just inches away) When was it the last time you did it? (he smiles smuggy)

Cuddy (she moves away casting a bad sidelong glance on him...)

House (he rolles his eyes,faking stupor)I MEANt THE STICHES! What a malicious woman you are...I figure you don't often play the doctor when you're in your office...doing...(he gesticulates, struglling to find the words) you know....whatever you pretend you are doing to justify your huge pay check...(he leans to stare at her ass...hinting to it)

Cuddy (going back to the stiches but looking rather amused): Don't avoid the subject House...this is serious, you can't act like that when nobody's around...You could have been...

House (keeping on his talking)....and of course I knew I would ended up hospitalized with you giving me stiches (he fakes to get thoughtful for a moment, as if he was concentrating hard to remember sth...Cuddy stares at him, biwildered; he keeps on finally)'s funny (he fakes a laugh) I could swear I booked a porn once and it started just like this ....I could bet you were in the cast, you know...

Cuddy smiles, shaking her head, like the good old times, flattered and amused...and he stares intently back at her while she finishes her job...She noticed that and sensed his eyes on her but she stays and acts nochalantly....or so she thinks...

Cuddy: Here you go (she looks uncomfortable and anxious to leave now) should be fine...I'll send Foreman to check up on you...(she stands up, she looks hesitant though)

House: Cuddy...

Cuddy: uhm?

House (he stays silent for a few of seconds, quickly reviewing his options...he rolles his eyes and go for broke)..I.....They are tickling you know...(he rubs his head) I am positive you missed a spot...I am bleeding...Talk about bad health care...

She looks worried and confused but she instantly takes a few steps forward to take a close look...and before we could actually understand what's happening...he leaned forward and upward, levering on his arms and kisses her, crushing his lips on hers....

...and fades out.


Nice day-dream...isn't it? I know...never gonna happen...let me dream XD

Sorry for the mistakes (I feel like one-harmed without @BH checking up on my syntax XD) and the bad humor as well...I am not that good :P rather NOT-FUNNY-AT-ALL I know...But that is really how I would love their next kiss to happen...I mean somehow tender, somehow funny, house being is usual self..."tricking her into sth" and then....BAM!

@LW...the BAM part is for you...;)
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Больше года Delia_Beatrice said…
Just one thing (not much to add, you guys said it all): let's make a summary of the spoilers we heard and how true they were. The most talked about spoilers were based on little things that were true (ex: Cuddy walking into House's office at the end of The Choice, House taking pills in Knight Fall). But they were not even close to being right - none of them. NONE OF THEM!!!!! In retrospect, they sound like people who had bits of true info (irrelevant true info) wrote their own personal stories to fill in the blanks.

Point being: in my opinion, the spoiler about Lucas proposing is just as unreal, in a proportion of 90%.

Anyway: i think Cuddy is having major doubts already. She obviously misses him, she slowly started looking for him, orbitating around him. I think it is sensational that he told her the truth, and i think that his line (=asking her to choose) will stay with her obsessively. So Cuddy happy about Lucas's proposal? No fucking way.

Больше года huddyislove said…
First of all...
*downs a bottle of vodka*

Second of all...

I've, actually, seen this whole scene from a very different, and completely opposite point of view.

To me,
this 'that's the last thing I want us to be'
is telling her he doesn't even won't her there as a friend.
He's turned down her offer- her 'let's be friends' card.

He is shutting her off completely, pushing her away,
not even letting himself want her by his side as a friend.

She's... just a boss.
He doesn't wanna hear about her day,
he doesn't give a damn about her P.A.

And as he watches her leave, what does he turn to?
Wilson left him for Sam, he can't count on him anymore.

So what's left?

His vices.
narcotics (mild ones, thank god) and

And third...
*downs another bottle of vodka*

Больше года huddydreamer said…
wow, that's actually a different point of view... but how do you assume that he is pushing her away and shutting her off? why would he do that to the woman he loves? he just can't only be friends with her, because it hurts, because he has strong and deep feelings for her. I think he is just protecting himself and I can completely understand that.
and further, he has opened up and by now cuddy clearly got the message that he loves and wants her more then ever.*sigh*
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Больше года Beatrix8520 said…
Ok I get it. It was too much sentimental my miniscene...I'll get over it :P

But really @Hilly I don't think he is actually shutting her out...she will think he is of course, but it's now a commedy of errors for God's sake XD I hope :P
I think it's crearly enough he wants them to be something more...we'll get to the point he adresses his feelings even more directly. One step at the time, baby ones remember?

No need to panic, or to get drunk XD Don't set such an example for dear Delia...she is inclined to feel too strongly her disappointment at Huddy, I wouldn't give her such a tempting suggestion...:P
Больше года huddyislove said…
big smile
I guess I just feel a little blue about it, that's all.
Meanwhile, these pics are amazing!
 I guess I just feel a little blue about it, that's all. Meanwhile, these pics are amazing!
Больше года Beatrix8520 said…
Have you seen the review on BuddyTV?! They just posted it...I agree on every single line of it...=,)
Больше года Mrs_House said…
big smile
i love this pic from "help me" can't wait looks like lots of huddy scenes.
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 i Любовь this pic from "help me" can't wait looks like lots of huddy scenes.
Больше года HuddyJoy0524 said…
Ahhhh Hilly! Thanks for posting these delightful pics I love it! House and Cuddy both look so raw: they are in a difficult situation and care about one another while being forced to work together. I am very much looking forward to this. On sooooo many levels! and dont down to much vodka! look at the bright side of things! i dont think he was cutting her out. always remember Huddy IS endgame huddy IS endgame. Say it over and over. it always makes me feel better ;)

@Bea I LOVE LOVE LOVE yoour scenario! It seems very realisitic but also very Huddyish without putting Huddy "together." I cant wait to read your fics this summer! XD

Also gotta agree with DB about the proposal thing. I think that Cuddy would NOT be happy with a proposal. It would force her to choose. It's what shes been trying not to do this entire time and a proposal from Lucas makes it definitive. Makes her say "ok i have to do this now." its almost like shes been procrastinating it. so i think that the proposal thing (if it happens) is not gonna happen the way we think.

So I'm off to look at those "help me" picks and finish my chinese food so that i can continue on with the studying!

p.s. ahhh we're all posting at the same time! haha love the new pic too! i cant wait!!!! the more scenes between them the better!!!!!

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Больше года Beatrix8520 said…
I have been spending hours on this spot today! Please stop writing you all and posting things! I am going nuts! XD

*drinks some of Hilly's vodka*

Thanks @HuddyJoy, but I know Hilly and Belle's are much more worth reading...after all Hilly is a talent and Belle is one of a kind ;) Have you get a chance to read theirs? Awesome :D

Anyway I am gonna try to meet your expectations' on the Huli one, it's my first try, I am gonna need to think it through properly. It just doesn't come to me as easy as Huddy...
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Больше года HuddyJoy0524 said…
I have not gotten a chance to @Bea. Once my finals end (this weekend woot!) I will have to request them. I'm sure yours are good as well!! We can have fanfic sharing parties this summer and trade them each other to read! It will make the time go by so much faster! XD

Hahaha yeah we've posted so much today! I think cuz its tuesday...we have the most to talk about today! :0
Больше года huddyislove said…
big smile
Ok, this assumption was too long, so I posted it as an article :)


There you go :)
Больше года Beatrix8520 said…
*goes to check on it*
Больше года cheery_blossom said…


Ok. I had to get that out of my system.

But whats the deal with the picture? Did something explode?
Больше года HuddyJoy0524 said…
big smile
@cheeryblossom its always good to get some squees out of your system! :) I think that theres an explosion either right outside PPTH or in the near vicinity and they all have to go help at the scene. I think House gets into a situation where he might be hurt.
Больше года cheery_blossom said…

Больше года LipschitzWrath said…
Maybe it wasn't this article, but someone was fishing for others' opinions on the title of next epi "Baggage". First and foremost, I'm sure it's going to be relevant to the POTW in some way. Like the patient has a whole bunch of emotional baggage that complicates their situation.

Also, from what I've seen/heard, I think that "Baggage" might also be referring to House himself. As in, House is baggage for Wilson. I hear that this is a secondary storyline in the epi, that Wilson is trying to unload House in order to cozy up with Sam.

Not to get TOO far out on a tangent here, but if Wilson really does just drop House for Sam, I am gonna be pissed. My brother is like that. We hang out all the time and go do fun stuff together (ride four-wheelers at the sand dunes *broken ankle*), but as soon as he starts dating a chick, it's like he was just a figment of my imagination. I never see him until they break up. It pisses me off. Know where your loyalty lies. Your friend who's been there for you (6x10 "Wilson"), or an ex-wife whom you've recently started seeing again.

Больше года huddyislove said…
Hey, telling that only because you are a man, is not doing any good :P XD

I agree, you should put your friends ... somewhere at the top,
but your love life, usually when it's a low love life that needs improvement, comes first :P
Больше года cheery_blossom said…
I disagree, actually. I think it's a balance. When your bf/gf dumps you, your friends can always put a smile back on your face. And when your friends are annoying thr crap out of you, you can complain to your bf/gf about it!
Больше года Belle0308 said…
Ok, so I still haven’t seen it and it is about 7:44pm the next night. All I have been able to see is the ending clip which I really can’t get out of my head.

@Bea ~ Lose faith? NEVER. I don’t care how hopeless it is, as long as my mind is still with me, Huddy exists. The part where they did the close up totally caused me to stop breathing. What a beautiful scene. Cuddy, House…I feel bad for them both. I think she was trying to have him and Lucas at the same time. Of course, how hard would that be? I think she wants to relate to House as a friend because she views that as “safe”. She can keep pretending that she is doing things the right way, but instead she is just putting her heart in a box. House told her pretty much how he felt. I think that is as good as it gets with him. She has to decide what to do now. I am fairly sure that we won’t know her decision before the season ends, but still….I am ok with that.

As far as the possibility of a proposal, it could happen, it might happen but if it does it won’t stick. She won’t marry Lucas. If Lucas is such a great detective, why can’t he see that she doesn’t love him like she does House? Of course, we often can’t see what is right in front of us.

@HJ In regards to the stitches scene, I cannot confirm it. I heard it from a friend so who knows. This is pretty much why I said I wasn’t sure. What I know is that apparently Lisa said that her favorite “Huddy” scene was from this season’s finale. My friend said that she heard it was a scene involving Cuddy fixing him up/stitches after whatever this catastrophe is.

@LW I totally agree with you in regards to the alcohol. Since I haven’t seen the epi yet, I can’t comment on the rest, but I agree with that scene and his pain in relation to Cuddy and the alcohol being involved. YES, I do think it will come to a head.


On the subject of Cuddy being in love with House regardless of his personal state of disaster, that is one of the reasons I feel for them. Cuddy is trying to live her life the way she “should” not how she wants to. She tries to do things the right way, the organized way, she really fears losing control. I know I have said that before. If she lets herself jump into a relationship with House, she does lost control. She just doesn’t get that she already has. She cares about him enough that anything that happens to him does affect her deeply.

@Bea…your little daydream was beautiful. Something like that would be amazing. You made my night. I think I can go to sleep happy now. ; )

@Hilly…lol. Ok Girl, I love you to pieces and yet…I don’t think I am buying your point of view. We will see though…we will see. I think I know you to well to think that point of view will last long. Deep down, you KNOW what he meant. ; )

So here I sit, still convinced that Huddy is “it” and always will be and whatever the producers and writers throw my way, my view remains the same.

Now, if I could just get my family and friends to understand that I don’t want to be bothered at ALL during the last two episodes of House…..

Больше года HuddyJoy0524 said…
Agree @cheery_blossom balance is always the best bet! :D

@LW I think youre right. I think that "Baggage" is gonna deal more with the House/Wilson relationship and "Help Me" will deal more with Huddy. That way, by the end of the season they've thoroughly addressed the 2 relationships of Houses that mean the most to him. That prob means that in the finale episode, we will get some Huddy scenes but something bad is still gonna happen.

@Belle oh ok so the stitches scene may not be legitimate. But there WILL be a legitimate Huddy scene at some point. I'm ok with that :) Especially since its Lisa E's favorite Huddy scene. That is saying a LOT. It means that the significance of the moment has to be intense. And that im looking forward to very much. XD

I'm loving all the positive attitudes from everyone! It's refreshing to see you all excited for the upcoming Huddy scene in the finale. You all help me stay excited!!!

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Больше года Beatrix8520 said…
"Now, if I could just get my family and friends to understand that I don’t want to be bothered at ALL during the last two episodes of House…"

LOL! I am gonna need to explain that to my roommates...I think I am gonna lock myself up in the toilet XD

We are optimistic @HuddyJOy, that's right....well as much as a show like House allows us to be. But I think it's truly amazing the passion and the stubborness we put into it :)

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Больше года huddyislove said…
Hey, Belle :P

I was talking to my mom, and she spent good 15min convincing me that when House said The last thing he wants them to be is friends, he surely meant he wants more
and that he reached for whiskey because her walking away disappointed him.

I'm still having a very hard time believing this,
and I'm sure my POW will stay the same until the baggage.

And when the hell did I become this unfortunate pessimist?
Больше года maverickangel35 said…
On the subject of Lisa Edelstein loving this Huddy moment in the finale, do we know what some of her other favorite scenes were through the years based on interviews, etc? Perhaps we can put them up next to each other and create a picture of what it is that she likes, and that'll help us figure out a little more about the scene to come.
Больше года thatship said…
I think the scene Lisa Edelstein loves in the final, has to be something very deep. She always says that the scene of joy, she likes it because they have a close moment through the pain, she loves that conection, and I think the final scene that await us, has to be very relevant in terms of discovered feelings. I don't think that they will kiss, but I think we will see House completely vulnerable and open about his feelings. Can that the Cuddy's reaction will be negative or heartbreaking somehow...and that is one of the explanations of why House falls back. I think this time,he will force her to make a decision and because of this pressure (at the moment), fear and confusion she will reactin an unfinished way,that House interpreted as a rejection.
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Больше года Beatrix8520 said…
Why you all are being so negative about the Finale expecting a catastrophe? XD You're making me nervous...
Больше года huddyislove said…
About Lisa loving scenes:
she likes pain, pain and complex moments between House and Cuddy.
And she also loves a bit of mystery, so I guess there's gonna be some kind of a cliffy surrounding that moment
Больше года thatship said…
Huddyislove, I'm agree with you, that is the question...I think the final scene between them, it's all about pain/frustrating love. (sorry Beatrix, but we, huddys, are naturally masochists xDD)
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Больше года HuddyJoy0524 said…
Good morning everyone!

I agree with you all in that the finale scene will probably be heartbreaking or painful. But that doesnt mean that we need to be pessimistic about it! I'm thinking that the finale is going to be deep and important and leave us with a lot to speculate and write about over the summer!

I think that @huddyislove and @thatship have basically nailed to the head the really basic circumstances of what we are going to get. I think that House is going to completely open up to Cuddy and shes going to react in a way that House sees as a rejection, or Cuddy is going to show him deep affection (maybe a kiss?) and then back away realizing whats shes done, hurting House all the more.

THIS, however, painful it may be would be, is crucial because it would prove that Cuddy is still in love with House. It would remind viewers that this is NOT over. and that Huddy IS endgame.
Больше года LizzieE01 said…
Very interesting discussion - I guess I'm putting a bit of a different spin on Choices. The shippy Huddy in me desperately wants to see some real Huddy connection but the analytical me gets Cuddy's dilemma. After all, they are not in their 20's or even 30's any more so this relationship is probably the end game for both of them. Maybe it's just me but I would have added a few more lines of dialogue to the last scene - after House says "thats the last thing I want us to be" and the long looks between them, Cuddy could have answered with something like "well, what exactly do you want us to be." That would shift the choice back to House -a shared burden, if you will and whatever his answer, hopefully give Cuddy a real starting point in solving her dilemma.
Больше года HuddyJoy0524 said…
@Lizzie I completelet get your point (im analytical myself) and I think that that is the exact reason why their relationship is so frustrating and difficult.

They arent "young" anymore. Cuddy is in her early forties and House, I would guess, is in his late forties. Cuddy's dilemma is that shes getting older. She wants to settle down. She's got a kid. She wants to give Rachel a father, she wants to be settled down and comfortable (as the luddy spot motto says 2 kids a dog a house in florida blah blah blah). She's afraid of giving that up.

House, too, is frightened. He doesnt want to be alone for the entire rest of his life. The Stacy thing failed and here he is, a few years later, completely in love with someone again and he doesnt want to lose that. Its a scary thing to contemplate, being alone your whole life, it scares the crap outta me and im only 18!

It would have been in character for Cuddy to share that burden with him, but I think what he said caught her off guard finally. I mean her facial expression was a painful realization. She didnt want to hurt House more, and she felt uncomfortable, so she left. I dont think that Cuddy wants to solve her dilemma because its gonna have to make her choose: and I dont think she wants to do that.

P.S. i was thinking some more...and what if house says something to her like "why dont you love me?" which puts her on the spot, or even what if Cuddy proposes switching hospitals or House switching hopsitals and he says something like it would be more painful NOT to be around you?"