Huddy The Huddy Spot is proud to announce......The Huddy Awards 2010 XD

Beatrix8520 posted on Jun 27, 2010 at 09:15AM
"drum rolls....."

Ladies and gentlemen, "The Huddy Spot" presents....

The Huddy Awards 2010 :DDD

This is a little project we have been planning together with other girls on @HuddyJoy's forum thread.
It all started phantasizing on how wonderful would it be to have a TV-show category in the MTV Award, so that we could have a Huddy/Huli kiss to be performed on stage live, once Hugh and Lisa won the prize XD's clear they would beat everyone else right? ;)

So, credit goes to @HouseAddict87 for this wonderful idea :D To @Hilly as well, because she came up with some great categories and...I would say to everyone that backed up this project ;)

I would like to stress that it is not a project of mine, but of the whole spot. So feel free to suggest whatever you like or ask to partecipate actively if you please :D

I'll help with the organization of the voting process and I hope other users such as @PC or HuddyJoy or @Hilly would join to help us ;) The more we are, we funniest it is :D

Here is how we have thought to organize it:

1) First Round: Category submission

2) Second Round: Everyone post their nominees

3) Third Round: Voting process

One thing at the time. I'll explain you the rules for the first round as we have planned it with @Houseaddict87.

Round 1: Categories submission

Below you have a list of categories we have chosen together. Rules are simple and will help us to prevent confusion.

If you want to add a category:

1. Just copy and paste the list exactly as it is and put the numbers to continue it;

2. Read it carefully before submitting, so there won't be repetitions ;)

3. Try to think of catagories that could include a wide number of possibities (otheriwise we can't vote) or that, like the "Best performed kiss" imply to choose among a very restricted number of moments.

The thread will stay open for a week more or less.

That's all! :D

Enjoy yourselves and....think Huddy of course!!!...or Huli if you please ;) My favorite saying goes "There's no Huddy without Huli XD"

ps Little editing...@houseaddict suggested below we could start submitting nominees. I have no objection to that.

So here goes the Round 2 too, just the same:

1. Copy and paste each time you suggest a category or post a nominee

2. If you want you can shortly add why you are posting it (no more than a line explication please XD otherwise I'll go crazy when I have to go through it all XDD)

3. Each user can leave 3 or maximum 5 options for each category.

At the end of all of it, @PC and I (I think it was @PC...:P) were thinking of posting a little article, resuming the polls result ;) So if you share your thoughts could be nice


1. Best smiles she gave him/he gave her

2. Best glances

3. Best eye-sex

4. Best lines ever delivered

5. Best musical moments

6. Saddest moments

7. Most hurtful lines

8. Funniest moments

9. Best sexy comments (Hilly)

10. Best teamwork moments (Houseaddict)

11. Most shocking/ amazing relevations

12. Sweetest unexpected gestures or words

13. Best performed kiss

14. Best Fight

15. Best Song that fits them

16. Best Dressed Moments (BlueHue)

17. Best Jealousy moment (HuddyDreamer)

18. Special one: Top 5 Huddy eps!!! (HouseAddict)

19. Best compliments (Huddyjoy)

20. Better "checking-out" moment (Anonimously and Huddyjoy)

21. Best long fics from (Hilly)

22. Best FF posted on FP (me)

23. Moments when they realized they cared for each other(mysusp)

24. Moments that made you want to gasp or scream at the tv screen(mysusp)

25. Best times House/Cuddy barges into CuddyHouse's office (huddy_obsessed)

26. Best Huddy moments that happened in Cuddy/House's office (huddy_obsessed)

27. Hugh's best performance in a Huddy scene

28. Lisa's best performance in a Huddy scene
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