Huddy HJ is going on vacation, keep her informed!

HuddyJoy0524 posted on Jul 09, 2010 at 04:11PM
Ok so Belle started a thread like this a month ago and it worked out really well. I'm leaving tomorrow morning for the beach and may have little to no time to check in while im gone :( However, we should be bringing a laptop so i may have time to pop by and check in.

If you all could post new interviews, videos, photos, forum topics, spoilers, anything that comes out from now until the 17th i would very much appreciate it! It will help to keep me from falling behind so when i get back i can jump back in!

Thanks a lot girlies i really appreciate it. Love you all!

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Больше года Beatrix8520 said…
Count on me ;)
Больше года playingcold said…
Me too! Have fun!
Больше года wendus92 said…
Count on me too! :))
Больше года HuddyJoy0524 said…
big smile
Thanks a lot! You guys are awesome!
Больше года bluehue said…
Hey @HudJoy! I'm "Jones-ing" for a vacay myself...but too busy fighting off aliens, by that I mean working. Even tho not Huddy related..I know you will enjoy the pic. Have some fun in the sun. Ciao-meow.
 @HudJoy! I'm "Jones-ing" for a vacay myself...but too busy fighting off aliens, by that I mean w
Больше года huddysmacked said…
Dudee!!! You have to arrive here like nowwwww!! NOW! I'm serious, I need to flail with someone!

Lie To Me Updates

New favorite word ; link

You need to watch link like NOW

After watching that ep, you ought to watch link for the episode 'Delinquent'

Then there's this beautiful link of the awesome Kelli :DD

And then go to the Flail party forum in the Callian spot, if you are still alive of all the awesomeness XDDD
Больше года huddysmacked said…
As far as I know the House Updates go like this:



And there are a couple of Fox Fall promos but they aren't that great, they don't have anything new.
Больше года Beatrix8520 said…
Yeah but the FOX promo number 1 has a great opening scene XD you go! :D


BTW if you happen to know the music....we are going crazy to dicover the title :P

Больше года HuddyJoy0524 said…
These are great thanks! And @Regi thanks for the Lie To Me updates!!!!!! I promise when i get back i will flail with you ;) im gonna stop by at callian spot before i sign off.

I wanted to get a head start on these but the reception is just too bad. I will tackle them on saturday. love you guys!
Больше года Beatrix8520 said…
Ehi sweetie! Hi! Having fun? Being missing your contribution around here ;)

I am a bit busy these days, I am trying to catch up with everything but I just pop in in the early morning and at night, blurting out my terse lines to get back in tha shadow during the day :P

BTW, aren't you proud of your thread? 10 days...597 replies XD This spot is just great ;) I can't see why I stayed away so long before letting myself be sucked in! Ah!

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Больше года HuddyJoy0524 said…
Thanks for everything girls! This was so helpful! :)