Huddy Story about Lisa and Hugh?

DiemBrown posted on Jul 13, 2010 at 10:11AM
Hello, I'm rookie here... and I have a question. I read a lot of fans stories about Cuddy and House. So, my question is... Do someone write a story about Hugh and Lisa?

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Больше года Beatrix8520 said…
You can check out Maverick's FF. It's called Just Friends and it's in the Huli Spot. You should surf there to find others. There are thousands ;)


There's Belle's Huli Happens which is a very nice one


One of my favorites is from Kaddison and it's a Christmas one


Hope you like them ;)

Больше года huddysmacked said…
The Huli spot is full of fanfictions, go to the article section ;)
Больше года SissiSunshiner said…
big smile
Huli, Huli, Huli!!!

anyway... try the Huli spot! Thousands stories there, included My fic "London Call" :)
Больше года DiemBrown said…
O thanks a lot of, I'm big Huddy fun!