Do Ты guys also think that the character Sarah Woolf from Hugh's book The Gun Seller, remarkably resembles Lisa?

I always felt that the comparison between Hugh and the main character Thomas Lang was quite obvious, but now I've read the book again after so many years, I can't help but get the feeling that Hugh is decribing Lisa, when he describes Sarah. I quote:

"She couldn't have been еще than nineteen, with square shoulders and long brown hair that waved and cheered as it disappeared behind her neck. The high, round cheek-bones implied Orientalness, but that disappeared as soon sa Ты reached her eyes, which were also round, and large, and bright grey."


"I think I'd known she was going to be American before she opened her mouth. Too healthy to be anything else. And where do they get those teeth?"

As Thomas gets to know Sarah a little better, every time he finds that she must be a little older than he guessed by her appearance. Eventually he thinks 29 which is about correct.

I think the way Sarah looks resembles Lisa very much, and also the way she comes across during the story. The fact that Lisa also looks way younger than she is, but has a sharp mind that won't fool Ты into believing she is a naive little girl, also resembles Sarah.

For all of Ты who have read the book, what do Ты think? For all of Ты who haven't yet read it, Ты really should. It's briliant.

Then my Далее Вопрос is: if Ты guys do think they have a lot in common, what could be the reason for this? Did Hugh meet Lisa even before House and was she the inspiration for this book? или was he describing his dream woman when Письмо the book, without even knowing he would meet her several years later? или is it just purely coincidental?

Let me know!
 Jamie86 posted Больше года
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Hugh & Lisa Ответы

pistachio_ said:
I think it's just a coincidental but awesome coincidental! :)
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posted Больше года 
hughlisafan said:
I think Hugh has a thing for brunettes just a suspicion of mine. The first time that I read The Gun Seller there was no House and I didn't know of LE. But, I've read The Gun Seller еще than once and there is no Вопрос that LE and Sarah Woolf share some physical and personality traits.

I think it's just a coincidence, but it's a cool one! :)
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posted Больше года 
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