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posted by mexicanhuddy
So this is the секунда chapter of my fic, i know that the events that appear here had time but is what i imagine that the things could happend until the huli events that we have today , enjoy!! It is a little dramatic one; please review if Ты like it или not if I should continueSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

Finally they finished and the weekend was Далее so they can rest for at least two days.
In the weekend hugh did his routine like every weekend, go to the boxing, and practice with the band, play the Пианино , he tried to be busy almost every single час and not to try to think in her but it was in his mind always trying to get out , the night came and Hugh was sitting in his диван, мягкий уголок like always trying to finish his new book and then the thoughts invade his mind again this time he couldn’t avoid ,– he thought ¬ he doesn’t seem like the other guys, he is producer a successful producer, nice and Зачарованные as he remembered the pic , English and that part bother him ,English like him!!! Suddenly a fear possession his body.

A new день start in the set he arrive at the same час and undertook his way to the makeup when he saw her , she approached and сказал(-а) good morning hugh and Kiss him in the cheek like always do, hugh reply good morning lisa how was your weekend ?? And your free days? She replied pretty good thanks smiling at him. david appear and сказал(-а) ¬ Эй, guys we have to hurry up Ты have to be ready in 20 minutes, they replied ¬ but…david is monday And david almost scream 20 минуты guys as he continued walking.

The день was almost over they finally finished the scene part of the day, She was heading to the parking lot as well as he, he could not hold back his desire to ask so he did ¬ so Ты was in Utah ? How was the weather?¬ yes I was longing the was word, the weather was pretty nice she сказал(-а) and looked him with a confuse face , and she continued walking to her car, he asked was the hurry and she turned and сказал(-а) that was tired and wanted to go as soon as possible to her home.

The Далее days the things seems to be like always but hugh still trying to find the time to ask her what is coming on with her Любовь life, he knew that he had no right, but the doub was killing him, it was Friday again the weekend was next, they were finishing to filming and he went to lisa’s trailer, she was locking the door when she saw him, lisa was confused and thought why hugh was Актёрское искусство rare maybe he knew about her new boyfriend. Hugh came close ¬ hi it seem that this days Ты have always hurry сказал(-а) with a smile in his face, and she smile too.
No it isn’t nothing like that she сказал(-а) laughing, he smile when eared her laugh, well lady Ты can’t go until we talk или give me that beautiful smile that Ты have, so is your choice and put his arm against the trailer door trapping her and she smile again ¬ what do Ты want hugh, tell it now или shut up forever quipped.

What are Ты doing this weekend he asked; well I’m going to New York I will spend the weekend with some Друзья there, why?? She asked him, he didn’t replied there was a silent for a few секунды and then he start to talk again ¬so is it true??The new guy? Ты have someone right? And seem to be that I am the last person to know it, i think we were friends? He said.

So that is all about, your rare behavior... to know about my Любовь life isn’t it? And then what, hugh, what are Ты going to do? … Yes we are friends, just Друзья like Ты сказал(-а) Ты decided this way remember? She сказал(-а) with a hurt tone.
so Ты run to the first man that Ты find in your way.. she interrupted what he was saying ¬I will tell Ты what Ты want to know yes I am with someone, finally I felt that somebody take care of me and I important to him, someone that is not afraid to take decisions without regrets , who with I will spend the weekend and overtop it make me happy , there Ты go all that Ты want to know¬
he was looked at her he wants to cry but he hold tight his tears and сказал(-а) ¬someone that is English by the way, that sounds familiar? Ты are with a cheap copy of me, lisa don’t Ты notice? She turned her head and looked him, her eyes were red with tears in the border of and replied¬ with a strong tone, Ты are in a big mistake , is nothing to be with you, the only thing that I can’t denied is that is English, but he is not married and can bring me a future without restrictions, your ego is so strong that can’t see beyond you, I’m done hugh I’m done ,this time I’m doing with my life what it seem right to me and she hurry up her walk too her car and leave without turning behind.

He still stood up looking her leaving, letting go of the Любовь of his live, and with his сердце turn in little pieces that seemed impossible to back together, and all that was his fault the decision he made it time before of course he regretted.
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Ok, for the Далее part of this "they" make fun of some of the other celebrities. I have nothing personally against any of the people mentioned, it's just part of the story.
Hope Ты enjoy!

The seating coordinator escorted Lisa up to the front. She was careful to lift her dress so she didn’t trip and make a mockery of herself. Hugh waited and watched as she walked up.
“What were Ты thinking trying to sit back there with everyone else?” he spoke low.
“Well, I thought that Ты were the only one sitting up here.”
“Good god no, how on earth would I make it through the boredom” and he gave...
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The cast, DS and KJ are in a panel and asked questions. This snippet has Hugh talking about Lisa's pole dance.
lisa edelstein
Хью Лори
house md
pole dance
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