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 *dirty thoughts*
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Maybe it repeats but i see it today and ...*dirty thoughts*
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Source: Lissie Pissie from LJ. I made it B&W.
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Thank Ты for the reviews! This part is a little darker, but who knows it might just bring them closer...

After Susan left mister Hamley walked over to Hugh. ‘Excuse me for being so bold, but I thought Ты could use this.’, he сказал(-а) as he put a glass of scotch in front of Hugh. Hugh nodded and gave the man a polite smile, ‘Thank you.’ Just as Mr. Hamley was about to walk away Hugh spoke up, ‘I-I don’t know if Ты have any time, but… would you...’, he gestured to the сиденье, место, сиденья opposite of him. ‘Sit with you?’, Hugh nodded. ‘Of course Mr. Laurie… I’m sorry Miss Susan left.’...
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Thanks for the reviews! And sorry for not updating sooner, I thought I had already Опубликовано this chapter, but I guess I hadn't! Anyways, here Ты go, enjoy and thanks for reading!

They walked to their chairs together, Hugh held Eileen in his arms while also holding Lisa’s hand. People were staring after them, some people thought it was cute, others were disgusted, but they all were in some way surprised. Hugh squeezed Lisa’s hand and she squeezed back then kept holding on to each other tight.

‘She brought Eileen?’, Katie whispered to David. ‘Yeah… they wanted to go as a family.’,...
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“Ummm. Guys.” берег сказал(-а) pointing to them. They were still holding eachother. They took a step away from eachother and just smiled. “Sorry.” Hugh finally said. Lisa turned to him. “Oh, no. It wasn’t your fault. And plus it could have been worse. It’s not like it was horrible for us. I mean I didn’t have a horrible time I don’t know about you.” She continued. “Oh no. I had a great time as a matter of fact.” He said. “Yeah. I did too. So we’re good?” Lisa asked. “We’re great!” He сказал(-а) giving her a hug. “Ok. I think we got all we need now so go get freshened...
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