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 *dirty thoughts*
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Maybe it repeats but i see it today and ...*dirty thoughts*
lisa edelstein
Хью Лори
house md
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Thanks for the reviews! And yes I will continue, I just don't know how many chapters there are going to be... Also about Omar freaking out, I didn't want to make him really angry или anything, just very shocked;) Like he wasn't really believing it=P

‘Hi David’, Jesse сказал(-а) trying to break the tension. ‘Why did I have to hear from the freaking press that Ты and Lisa are together and Eileen is yours?!’, David whispered angrily. ‘I’m sorry Ты had to find out this way, we didn’t mean to…’ ‘You didn’t mean to what exactly? Turn this event upside down or…?’

‘We didn’t...
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Hugh finally parked his Triumph just a few steps from where they’re going to tape the Далее House, MD scene. Just before he entered the studio, Giammario’s car pulled in with Lisa inside and he stopped to see them. She kissed her boyfriend before getting down and Gi wave a hand to Hugh before he left which made Hugh smile. Soon, he and Lisa were walking together on their way to meet the rest of the cast and the crew.
Hugh: Ты two looked good together…
Lisa scoffed while looking at the man beside her then she watched the seemingly endless hallway of Fox.
Hugh: You’re laughing, it’s true…...
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