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 *dirty thoughts*
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Maybe it repeats but i see it today and ...*dirty thoughts*
lisa edelstein
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house md
Hugh and Lisa were having an interview during a charity event they were into. With them were Robert, Jen, Katie and David. All were smiling during the interview. The two producers were giving spoilers for the upcoming episodes of the Показать while the four were looking at each other every now and then.
Interviewer: So you’re saying, we’re going to see a lot of House and Cuddy moments soon?
David: I guess… Read between the lines. <they all laughed>
Interviewer: Did Ты know that the Фаны are already considering the idea that Season 5 is really meant for Huddy Любовь to bloom? They said,...
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Hugh and Lisa were silent for a while as they stand side to side by each other. Both their hearts were racing and pulses were sky rockets. Hugh moved slowly to totally face Lisa but she never moved herself as their eyes were locked together. He raised his hand to let his palm touch her neck as Lisa stood there afraid of what may come along but then she knew she liked where this is heading on. As Hugh slowly began moving his face to Kiss Lisa, their сердце rates moved faster than it did before. Both eyes then were shut to feel the moment as his hand completely touched her neck. With their lips...
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The awards night went well and there was a buffet that was made especially for the actors and Актрисы that attended the grand night. Hugh and Lisa were seated beside each other with foods on their plate being placed in front of them. The rest of the cast were also on таблица with them. All were laughing as David shared good stories to them. Little they did know that Hugh was being melted every time Lisa drew a smile on her face. It’s just so exciting for him to see her happy.
Hugh: Lisa <Lisa looked at him> uhm… too much seafood, not good for you, remember?
Lisa smiled and appreciated...
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“House MD everybody 8/7 c on Fox,” сказал(-а) David, a TV Показать host. He had just finished an on screen interview between the show’s lead casts. When the cameras when off, audiences were allowed to get a signature from them as they sat Далее each other. Pictures were taken as autographs were given. Hugh and Lisa were both wearing their smiles as Фаны approached them one by one. She was laughing with them while he secretly catches some of it. An older lady walked towards Lisa and asked permission if she could come with her to have a picture with her ailing daughter that was seated on a wheelchair...
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    A half час later, the press had been ushered from the building, security was Опубликовано outside the entrances to prevent their re-entry, and the party had started. The lights dimmed over the ballroom and a spontaneous cheer went up as David went up to the microphone to make his traditional speech. Lisa took a step back, expecting to lean against the Стена and listen while she nursed her mineral water, but landed instead against a very large and well-dressed body.
    “Careful,” Hugh’s voice came low in her ear and her entire body flushed. “You...
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house md
season 7 spoiler
Not really Huli, but it was the first time I saw this and I wanted to share
lisa edelstein
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band from tv
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    “I have to get going, actually.” Hugh said, not looking at Lisa. “But Lisa сказал(-а) she was going to stick around for awhile.”
    Lisa’s eyebrow rose very, very slowly as she turned to look at her co-star. “I am?”
    “You don’t have to,” David started, and Hugh cut him off.
    “You promised Omar a dance. And Jesse. Remember?”
    “And I intend to collect,” Jesse said, appearing at her side. “All those young gorgeous girls are boring me to tears. I want to dance with...
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My beloved sinners!!! I missed you... :DDD
I gotta say I'm proud of this spot being fulled with fanfic!
We have so much, I sometimes get confused! xDDDDD
I hope Ты like this chapter... Less action... еще thinking...
Oh, thanks for your lovely reviews!! Keep em coming!! :DDDDD

It’d been a месяц since Lisa told George she needed a friend. Him. A lot of things happened during that month. He talked with Lisa everyday about what she was going through and he even talked with Hugh. One день he got a call from Hugh’s lawyer and he сказал(-а) that he would like to have George testify...
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 ...are Ты screwing with me?
...are you screwing with me?
    “You’re not stopping me for medical reasons. You’re stopping me… because Ты have the hots for me.”
    Lisa tried not to smile, but there it was. And there was the laughter. She couldn’t stop it.
    “God! She does, though, it’s so freaking obvious…” Lisa protested, standing and stretching her cramping calves from remaining in the same position for so long. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Can we try it again?”
    “You’re stopping me… because Ты have...
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    “Hugh! Wait up!” Hugh Laurie paused in the middle of taking off his motorcycle шлем and looked to see where the voice was coming from. Lisa Edelstein had just gotten out of her car and was striding toward him, a brilliant smile on her face. “Where’ve Ты been?”
    “…home…” he said, raising an eyebrow. “For the last week или so. Scripts and lines and meetings and trying to work on my book before my publisher comes after me to break my kneecaps…”
    The two of them headed through the parking lot to the set...
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Hi Sinners! This is a little one-shot for Ты all! Hope you´ll like it! Sorry for some Письмо mistakes, but english isn´t my first language….hope Ты are not pissed off cause I don´t know the names of Lisa´s siblings или if she has nieces или nephews…so it´s just a little story to warm up your hearts and try to make Ты smile, so I don´t care if it´s a little late maybe but merry Рождество an a happy new год to Ты all!XD

What a beautiful morning. She woke up and smiled while looking out of the window. The garden was covered with snow and the children try to build a snowman....
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