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This Hugh & Lisa Фан-арт might contain портрет, выстрел в голову, близком расстоянии, макро, and крупным планом.

posted by maverickangel35
“Yeah! Fine.” She turned back to her script, ostensibly to close it, but Hugh noticed her shoulders tense as she turned, and waited for her to turn back around. There it was.
    “Something’s wrong.”

    “Oh—Hugh honestly, it’s nothing. Are Ты guys done for the day?” She asked, trying to lighten the mood. When he didn’t answer right away she turned around again to turn off the lamp on her desk. Before she could reach the switch, she realized that he had gotten up and was standing behind her, resting his arms on the back of her chair....
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posted by maverickangel35
Hey, all--sorry these are all pretty short, but am Письмо in between all manner of other projects, and figured I might as well post as it's written, even if it's not chapters upon chapters of prose... no? Here goes...

    “Biggest klutz in the history of mankind,” Lisa said, nudging Hugh as they left the set a few days later. “How many things have Ты tripped over this past week?”
    “About as many things as you’ve dropped или ‘accidentally’ thrown at whoever is making Ты laugh in the middle of your scenes.”
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by : NCISmelanie
lisa edelstein
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house md
Hum, so I've been wondering if this has been done before in this spot (I know that @rrennie did something similar, but I mean something QUITE like this) and I don't think it has. Anyways, I had a LOT of fun doing this, especially because it was a wonderful alternative to doing schoolwork xD

Anyways, enjoy!!

NOTE: Whenever there are pics and words Далее to each other (the Fanpop article-writing process is a little annoying :P) read the words on the PICTURE first, and then the words that are typed Далее to it.


A Huli Comic

James was very confused....
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Holiday 2010 Фан Fiction Contest

Hello Huli’s! After conferring with some Друзья I was thinking that a contest is in order. I know we have had them before and I have enjoyed them immensely. I think this will be fun and give us new Чтение material at the same time!

Here are the rules:

1)Dates for entries will be November 23rd, 2010 through December 15th 2010.

2)One entry per person.

3)Applicants must pick from the following categories:

A Holiday Story
Christmas Eve/Christmas night
New Year’s Eve
A Holiday Vacation Abroad
Gift Exchange
As many people can write in one category...
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posted by HuddyBea
I am not able to think straight at the moment. I am hiperventilating thanks to that french @rrennie said....huge Huli footprint...but anyway, moving on...enjoy ;)

LITTLE EDITING sorry I wasn't functioning earlier :P I really need to thank @rrennie for this chapter, 'cause she truly helped me figuring out a few things...making some useful adjustments :) At risk of sounding like a broken record, she is amazing.
Thanks to @Belle, always. Любовь Ты woman!


Previously on December/December:

“Well, at least, I was the one who started it…”...
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posted by HuddyBea
Good morning ladies!
Here Ты go with chapter 7, which I hope you'll like just as the Назад ones :) This is a long one :D
Special thanks to my fav editors, @Belle who's incredibly sweet, and @rennie who gave me a few language tips and is a real force of nature ;) I am in Любовь with you, woman...just so Ты know :P

Previously on December/December:

"A light broke through the window, creeping into the dusk. Not yet…
He lifted his head up searching for her eyes. Her beautiful smile was gone, replaced by a questioning, heartbreaking set of sad, grey eyes.
“Why did Ты leave me?”

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posted by HuddyBea
Here Ты go ;) Enjoy this ride through Huliland tonight guys! Hope Ты like this. It was pretty interesting to write. Hope Ты won't come up with too many questions! XD Thanks to @rrennie for her positive review. I spared my uffical editor this chapter since she has a life, unlike me :P

Previously on December/December:

"“May I?”
It all had started like this, with the very same question. And now, it all was ending just like this, in the very same way. A perfect circle. She silently burst into tears once again, breaking down for the very first time in months, nodding….just as she had done...
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posted by HuddyBea
Update guys!! :) God I loved this chapted...I loved Письмо it, don't know why, but I truly felt it. In my veins, I mean. As far as the result is tell me :)
Special thanks to @rrennie this time, who gave me a critical opinion. Hope my official editor will be back soon ;) I have missed her this time, although @rrennie was a doll. Enjoy!

Previously on December/December:

"He finally shrugged, Now and soon. All-in then. He needed to address this. “Ok then. Sounds like fun Count me in”....

“Kudos to subtleness” Rob muttered.
Hugh turned to him, lowering his voice incredulous “Are...
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posted by huddyforever
Lisa nd Hugh just sat there staring at eachother in the mirror. “Well. I don’t know what to say.”Lisa said. “Lisa, are Ты Ok doing this?” He asked her. The stylist was now done and both of them got out of the chairs. Lisa sighed and put her hand on Hugh’s shoulder. “I’ll be fine.” She сказал(-а) a little plainly not believing herself. “Are Ты going to be fine?” She continued. Hugh gave a charming smile and in his brilliant British voice said, “Yeah, I’ll be fine.” And then they smiled at eachother and proceded through the doors and out the hallway. Cameras golore and...
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Unfortunately it's poor quality but I Любовь their interaction with each other! HL acts appalled when the interviewer apparently askes LE about Hugh's Поцелуи technique. I also Любовь that LE can't stop laughing. LOL
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house md
lisa edelstein
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Just b-r-e-a-t-h-e.....


It had been a decision that had just made itself out of necessity. Nothing еще than that. There would have been no other way to hide.
There was a deserted half-lit corridor on one side and, on the opposite, just simply some step; steps getting closer and closer секунды by seconds.
There hadn’t even been any way to thought it twice. There hadn’t been the time.
Lisa had grabbed Hugh by his hand, flung the door open, yanked him in, whirl ed round and snapped it back shut behind them. Just like that.
Then, on having twirled...
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Once again, I have nothing against the people who I bring up in this article. It's just for the sake of Huli conversation. Hope that Ты enjoy this chapter.
; )

Hugh leaned over to Lisa and said, “Do Ты remember the plan about later tonight?”
She nodded a “yes” with a slightly devious look.
“Don’t forget, ok?” He was fairly positive she wouldn’t, but he just had to make sure.
She didn’t answer with words, или a nod, but the glance she sent his way nearly threw him back on in his chair. He KNEW there was no way she was forgetting.
They came back from the commercial with a take...
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posted by huddysmacked
Hey ya!!Thanks for all the wonderful reviews!! Mmm might as well not get *wink wink* because I’ve never written that before… So well just read and see what happens =))
Huli <33

”I’m sorry lady but we are trying to do what we can. You’re not the only guest requesting for –

“You know, you’re not helping!” Lisa hung up the phone. The lamb, which a минута назад was sleeping in Hugh’s arms, had become a mad beast. Hugh went to the кухня were Lisa was standing. She took a bottle of water and began drinking it, Hugh stood staring at her. She felt his eyes over her.

“What are you...
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