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 hugh's body
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hugh is facing away from his wife
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This Hugh & Lisa фото might contain деловой костюм.

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Another chapter :))) I'm glad Ты liked the Назад one!
Oh, I have nothing else to do except to be at home, sick.
Damn it that stomach flue!!!!!!!
I think someone is punishing me for my sins!
Oh, I have a lot of those! xDDDDDD
Anyway, sin with me,
I don't wanna be alone in hell
it's damn hot there! (:C


“That was quick” Lisa exhaled gathering her things from her dressing room floor.
“That’s why it’s called quickie” Hugh grinned.
“Yeah… I think I’ll have to get my hair done again…” she giggled, her hair was a mess. She was a mess. But it was worth it.
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They just looked into eachother’s eyes smiling and then out of nowhere some magnetic force pulled them together in a kiss. It started out a simple and sweet Kiss then turned into a rough and passionate kiss. Their tougnes meeting, teeth clashing, his hands pulling her ontop of him, her hands on his face. Now they were making out. He reached up and grabbed her left breast and she gasped. Their heads were now out of the sleeping bag from moving around. That’s when they realized where they were.

“Shit, Hugh. We can’t. We have Robert and Olivia in this tent right this very minute.” She...
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Hey!! I just had to write this! I am totally in Любовь with this song, have been for a while and I really wanted to write a little fic with it;) I hope Ты enjoy!

Lyrics from the song (Not mine, all credit goes to Ilse DeLange) are in italics and if Ты want to listen to the song Ты can do that link

Hugh was playing the Пианино when he heard someone enter his house. Stephen walked into the living room with, what looked like a newspaper, under his arm. ‘I thought Ты had to work today?’ Hugh asked him. ‘Well, I went to the studio but then Luciano, Ты know him he’s Fox’s best hairdresser,...
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