Written By Jon Lachonis on June 14th, 2012 at 1:57 pm

The RoboCop remake is mining TV's best for its leading roles. Joel Kinnaman of The Killing has already signed on to play Alex Murphy, the Detroit cop whose body is illegally harvested to complete the cyborg crime-stopper known as RoboCop. In the original film, the creation of RoboCop is a sort of PR effort by mega-corp OCP (Omni Consumer Products), who are making a bid to buy the city of Detroit. RoboCop is part of their efforts to prove they can quell the emergence of high tech criminals that control much of the dystopia of Detroit.

Variety announced today that House's Hugh Laurie will be stepping into the role of OCP CEO "The Old Man", played by Irish actor Dan O'Herily in the original film. Much of the buzz reports Laurie taking on the role of the film's 'Villain', but in the original film (SPOILER ALERT) "The Old Man" was еще или less a figure-head and much of the villainy went on amongst the power brokers beneath him. This suggests the remake is on a new track, plot wise.