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Does anyone else think that komugi , meruem , and pakunoda are very strong , not just physically , but mentally ?

pakunoda died to tell the truth to her Друзья and Показать her loyalty and komugi was able to be a cheerful and modest person even from her sad situation and was Храбрая сердцем enough to choose to die with meruem and stay by his side to the end . I also think meruem is strong , he , at the end , didnt fall for power and didn't kill the people when he could've , he was noble . Does anyone else think so ? I mean meruem could've just gone on a killing spree and take out everyone else when he found out he was going to die , but he didn't . A lot of people don't like meruem and don't seem to respect what he's done , do Ты ?
 arhriablank posted Больше года
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