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Of course I couldn’t resist to write a little story about THE evening at 18-02-2016 :3
It was such an awesome day!!:-*
Everything was great!
First my exampresentation at school went good, then I got safely to Amsterdam on my own :P So when I arrived I went to Paradiso Amsterdam and there I met a group of great fans! From different countries, from Ireland to Argentia to the Netherlands.
You guys were so nice and welcoming :) And finally I met some of Ты in person as we planned! It was great!! <3
And then after a few hours waiting in the cold my lovely Друзья arrived and later we could...
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I’m super happy with my new CD.
The new album of Hurts is honestly amazing!!
In my opinion the best album until now :)
It was so hard to wait! It came out one week назад but I promised myself that the first time I would listen to the new songs it would be from MY OWN CD and not from the internet! But everybody was sharing Ссылки and stuff and I was like: Ahhh nooo, not yet! I must resist XD
I managed to do it, luckily :) But now I’m listening to the album non-stop!
I've already listened to it so many times now <3
It’s just so unique, beautiful and amazing: I LOVE...
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posted by AmberEdith
Last night was really the best night I've ever had in my life so far!!!
It was sooo amaaaazing!!!!! The music, the singing, the fans!!!! Everything <3 They are so good live! It was even better then on cd! <3
It was unforgettable!!! I've cried because I was so happy about it!!!
We heard some old songs and some new songs! All were perfect!!
I've seen a lot of video's of live concerts so I had expectations. But it did go far beyond that!! With the old songs I sung along until I couldn't talk anymore, with the new songs I stood there and listened like I've never listened to anything before....
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