The Показать began with a small alternative band from Ames, Iowa-- The Envy Corps. With a Поп-культура influence and a rock feel, the Музыка was the perfect combination. They began with heavy бас, бас-гитара that had the mosh pit shaking. Personally, I loved their strong, sharp strums in the Музыка featuring harsh notes on their guitar. I had never heard one of their songs before, but секунды after hearing them, I was cheering. The crowd seemed to Любовь them too because I caught multiple people trying to Shazam their songs. Something I thoroughly enjoyed was their similar sound to Imagine Dragons, so it was a great foundation for the concert.

Далее was Nico Vega. At first I saw a very calm band enter the stage until the lead singer, Aja Volkman, began racing across the stage chanting the lyrics. As their set progressed, she just began to spin еще out of control. At one point she was standing on a fan’s shoulders in the audience. Don’t get me wrong, it was extremely entertaining, but after an entire час of a less than pleasing band I began to get a bit uneasy. So did many audience members because when she announced the name of her Далее song, I heard a series of moaning and groaning. At one point I heard someone call out incredulously, “what the hell is going on?” I was just as perplexed when Aja began to writhe on the floor during one of her songs and at one point she demonstrated several doujutsu moves. As her performance progressed, she began shouting rather than singing. In kinder a kinder word, uneasiness was the state I was in.

When Imagine Драконы finally came on, the set looked amazing. Blinking animal-like eyes were projected on a large screen with “stars” lit up around it. A few trees were littered throughout. To my pleasure, they began with Round and Round with Dan Reynolds, lead singer, involving the crowd by performing around the entire stage while pointing his microphone to the audience. He continued that throughout the концерт while Пение and joking around with guitarist, Wayne "Wing" Sermon. Their eighth song, Thirty Lives, was dedicated to their dear friend, Tyler, after he had recently passed from cancer. It was a slow, acoustic song with Reynolds’ raspy voice echoing through a silent audience. This was one of the many highlights of their performance.
Their “last” song was It’s Time which had a sleepy, dreary crowd jumping, clapping and hollering to the beat. The Imagine Драконы gratefully exited the stage and soon returned for their encore after a series of chants. Their final song was Nothing Left To Say which I found very appropriate. I sadly left halfway through their last song in order to avoid traffic but what I saw was far beyond satisfactory.