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AnimeFan66 posted on Aug 10, 2013 at 11:11PM
Okay, so I have been thinking about this for quite a while now and I am having a very difficult time figuring this out. It would mean a lot to me if you fans out there can help me with this. :)

Around three months ago, I started watching this series and I am officially a huge fan of it. At the same time, I've began making preparations to wrtie a fanfic story or series based on this series while adding my fan character in it.

The thing is- I'm having quite a time deciding on how this fanfic of mine should be like. I've came up with three good ideas, but not sure which is worth writing. I wanted to share these ideas with you all and hear what you guys think about them.

Please note that you are allowed to speak freely and share your concerns and opinions. I will not judge, get upset, or disapointed if you disagree and hate my ideas. After all, I only created this fourm to receive guidness from Inuyasha fans everywhere. :)

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Больше года AnimeFan66 said…
Here is my first idea for the fanfic.

A fanfic story ot series that takes place during the conflict with Naraku and the Sacred Jewl. My fan character joins Inuyasha and friends on the quest to retrieve the jewl fragments while defeating Naraku and his incarnations.
Больше года AnimeFan66 said…
And now for my second idea. This one sounds dumb I know, but it doesn't sound too bad.

A fanfic series that goes a different direction. Instead of a plot, it follows the many adventures of Inuyasha, Kagome, and company as well as my fan character as they travel around different regions, villages, and countries to battle and fight demons of many kinds.
Больше года AnimeFan66 said…
This one I came up with a little while ago. It doesn't sound bad, but may lead to something.

Inuyasha and company are sent to a different region. They meet my fan character along the way and after they get there, they discover demons of different types and save the towns and villages while seeking out for Naraku and the Sacred Jewl shards.
Больше года AnimeFan66 said…
These are my three ideas for a possible Inuyasha fanfic, but like I said- I am not sure which to follow. Please feel free to share your opinons and be honest okay? :)