InuYasha 10 Ways to get Bankotsu Mad

blossom452 posted on Apr 17, 2009 at 03:13PM
1. Talk about how great Inuyasha is
2. Tell him that Inuyasha's Tetsaiga is better than his Banryu
3. Call him Banny-kun (his nickname)
4. Try to take his Banryu
5. Make fun of the fact that Inuysha killed him
6. Try to hurt Jakotsu
7. Call him weak
8. Say that he can't beat Inuyasha in a battle
9. Go on and on about how much stronger the Inuyasha gang is than the Band of Seven
10. Remind him that he got killed twice
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Больше года blossom452 said…
You people better add a reply!!!
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Больше года inufan13 said…
haha those r ways to get him angry....that is if u wanna get killed
Больше года Inuyashalovr123 said…
Больше года smallfish said…
those r ways to get him angry...

Больше года dandelly said…
Do you think that works on people? If it does, I really wanna try it out!