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 Irken OC Kaya
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my irken OC kaya
Захватчик Зим
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so, my name is Ruth AKA Ruby. as Ты can see, I deleted my account (silvaria_fan23) for about 2 yrs ago, I have no idea but it's been a long time I have. anyways, at the time there was fights and dramas in this club but there was fun and good moments too, I had family here but now we have moved on with our lives to highschool and shit. & ofcourse, I would do stupid shit but what did I expect? I was small, lol. I was about 12 when I started fanpop, and I remeber I would pair up my very first OC with DIB или ZIM, pretty stupid huh? then I deleted my account when...
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I don't know why but konata reminds me of Misty with her smart mouth and Maricruz reminds me of Kagami cause her anger xD anyone agree? Комментарий