Invader Zim Fanfics Another Irken Girl Named Sky, And The Dodgeball Game of Doominess Chapter Two

InvadaMiz posted on Jan 22, 2012 at 11:40AM
Miz was the only person in the lunch room, until Dib came in and saw her sitting in the farthest table in a corner.Sitting there, staring into space.He got his food and sat next to Miz.Miz looked at him, looking normal now."Hi, why the hell are you sitting with me?Go away."Miz demanded, she moved to the next table with her back facing Dib.Miz took out an ipod and listened to the song "Monster".Zim saw Miz in the corner with her back to Dib."Hm, one more person who hates Dib...interesting."Zim said taking a seat in the middle row.

Miz noticed a teacher walk in and hid her ipod in her backPAK.She was to nervous to eat.Then the even newer girl walked in.She saw Miz alone in the corner and sat next to her."Hi, I'm Sky, what's your name?"the girl asked."My name is Miz."Miz replied nervously.Miz took out her ipod again once the teacher left the room.She handed Sky one of the earbuds, and smiled."Listen, it's a good song."Miz said.Sky put in the ear bud and listened to the song.Miz sang the lyrics out loud."Never again, never again.They gave us two shots to the back of the head, and we're all,deeaaad nooow.Well never again, an' never again.They gave us two shots to the back of heaad, 'n' we're aaaalll deeaad, nooow-hooow!"Miz sang with the song, and everyone stared at her.

Sky smiled, she liked the song.She handed Miz her ear bud back, Miz put her ipod away and looked at everyone.She hated being the center of attention!Her pupils shrank to dots as she quickly looked around again."Hey are you okay?!"Sky asked with concern.Miz was wishing for the bell to ring, then she snapped."WHAT?!"she yelled, standing up and slaming her hands against the table once.Sky figured it out, Miz hates it when hordes of people stared at her.Miz's breathing got faster and harder, she ducked in the corner, holding her knee's and rocking back and forth.Some of the kids whispered to eachother that Miz had mental issues.Sky stared at Miz, she looked like a little girl lost and alone.

The bell rang and Miz darted out to the play ground, they had to play dodgeball.Miz smiled, she was good at dodgeball!Dib was the first one to throw a ball, at Zim, luckily, Miz was standing next to him.She put her hand onfront of Zim and caught the ball.The ref. called Dib off the court.

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