Invader Zim Fanfics The Dodgeball Game of Doominess Chapter Three

InvadaMiz posted on Jan 22, 2012 at 11:39PM
Zim stared at Miz holding the ball that almost hit him.Miz through the ball as hard as she could, and hit a girl that looked like Dib.Her hair was blonde with light brown highlights, she had pink and blue glasses, her eyes were a light shade of blue lighter than Miz's, she was wearing a white lab coat, and her shirt had a creepy happy face on it.

The girl got knocked to the ground when the ball hit her.The ref called her out, apparently her name is Jaz.The contacts that looked like her eyes laid on the ground next to her, her real eyes, Irken eyes, were one purple and one dark blue.No one noticed except Dib.

He pointed at her with his jaw wide open, Jaz immediately picked up the contacts and put them back in, then ran off the court next to Dib.She smiled nervously at him.Then watched the game.Zim picked up a ball and tossed it at Zeta, and it hit her arm.She stepped off the court and this weird kid with orange hair through a ball at Miz, she wasn't paying attention, and while everyone raced around for a ball Miz got hit in the face.

Miz knew that she was out and stepped off the court and stood next to Dib.Dib continued staring at Jaz.Then a small fox with black fur walked up to Jaz and sat next to her."Oh hi Flurry!"Jaz said, sitting on her knees and scratching the fox's head.

Flurry rubbed up against Jaz's torso.Miz wondered about Flurry."Is that your pet?"Miz finally asked.Jaz looked at her and nodded.Then Zim came walking over with a bruise on his head."You out too?"Jaz asked him.Zim noticed her contacts fall out before she stepped off the court.Then a girl with shaggy brown hair stepped outside and tapped on Miz's shoulder.

Miz spun around and smiled."Hi Tek!When did you decide to finally come to skool?"Miz asked her."Around twelve thirty, why?"Tek asked.Miz shrugged.Tek was half the size of Miz, her shirt was black with a bleeding heart were her real one is, she wears a head band with fox ears on the top, they're REAL, Tek is half fox and half Irken, her eyes are dark brown, darker than her hair, her gloves have greyish claws, just like her boots, her teeth are sharp, like a fox's, and her pants are also black.

Jaz picked Flurry up."Tek thanks for giving Flurry to me!He's awesome."Jaz said with an annoying high pitched voice.Miz looked at the court, there was only two people left.

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