Invader Zim Fanfics Catching Up Chapter Five

InvadaMiz posted on Jan 23, 2012 at 01:47AM
Zim stood up and answered the door, it was Miz.Her arm had a bandage over the cut."How did you find my house?!"Zim yelled."I asked Dib, turns out I live behind his house."she said."Why'd you hit me with a dodgeball?"she asked."I was trying to hit the Dib monkey!" Zim said."May I come in?"Miz asked him.Zim was surprised that she would want anything to do with him after what happened at skool.

Then a small dog popped out from behind Miz. Miz picked her up."Uh, sure?"Zim said stepping out of the way for her to come in.Miz walked in and looked around, when she saw the creepy yellow thing she shivered."This is my SIR unit, MAE."Miz said putting her down.MAE's hologram deactivated, her eyes glow bright pink, and she has a bow tied to the base of her antenna, there was a heart symbol under her eye, she stood two inches higher than Zim.

"What does 'MAE' mean?"Zim asked."There was supposed to be a U between A and E, but it would be wierd, it means 'Most Annoying Unit Ever'."Miz replied."Wait 'til you meet GIR."Zim said.Then GIR came out of the kitchen and saw MAE."MAE go play with GIR."Miz commanded. "Okay Miz!"MAE yelled and ran over to GIR.

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