Захватчик Зим Inader Zim Vending Machine

lillymango1 posted on Jun 01, 2010 at 06:45PM
ok this is a game ill show you the ruls

1.you must have a pic of invader zim or any one on the show no fan charaicters

2.no copying other pics

3.you cant draw them

4.no coloer overs

5. couples are aloud out of the show no fan couples
ok this is what you have to write

my prize: (like the pic whats it called)

my prizes: (if you started you have none but if you done it befor write the last one you put down on the list )

ill start

Захватчик Зим 2 Ответы

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Больше года lillymango1 said…
myprize: invader zim dress

prizes: none yet
 myprize: invader zim dress prizes: none yet
Больше года Solo28 said…
My Prize: Mega Gir

Prizes: None Yet
 My Prize: Mega ГИР Prizes: None Yet