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Sprinter23 posted on Dec 16, 2010 at 10:40PM
Invader Zim is one of the best shows for funny quotes out there. What do all you like?

(My favorite is "Yay! We're Doomed!")

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Больше года Invader_K said…
gIR: I like Dookie!
your head smells like a puppy!
Lets go to my room pig!
And I'M! *laughs* i dunno!
But wont the splody go just like this KABAM!

Zim: This has nothing to do with jelly!
Your people were instruction manuals?
The dib! the Dib! i dont care how delicous he is! he's evil!

Gaz: I'm trying to draw a little piggy! Can't you see I'm trying to draw a little piggy! so be quiet.
It's Dib! He's talking!

Purple:Thats just my arms flailing and giggling.

Dib: The obsessive compulsive Dib!

hehee! i knew i was only s'posed to do one but i could'nt choooseee 1
Больше года monkeyrockla said…
I like it wen zim is thinkin and he thinks "its as big as a hippo that head" then ge gets hit with tuns of dogeballs
Больше года sugerpie56 said…
WHy am i so amazing!
Больше года pumpkinqueen said…
I love the lines in the episode they were going to go make "Mopiness of Doom":

Zim: Gir, did anyone call?
Gir: I call you a monkey. YOU'RE A MONKEY!!

Gir: *talking to Dib* Listen to me Mary, he needs you Mary. You two such good friends, LIKE HOTDOGS! Please hunt my Master agian, COUCH!!
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