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everyone is always saying how weak iron man is, but he is pretty powerful. He can fly, shoot powerful beams, and has a computer шлем that can help him see things and it also translates. He could probably defeat Captain America, Cyclops, Spider-man, Wolverine, Daredevil, Angel, Mystique, Punisher, and Ms.Marvel. I'm not saying he's really "The Invincible Iron Man", but sure can kick butt. He has made many Форс-мажоры of armor: war machine, hulk buster, Marks 1,2, and 3, stealth armor, and a lot more. Also some people say he has a drinking problem. I don't see where they get this. I do know though that he enjoys parties, I mean he's a billionaire, who wouldn't. I just got one of my Друзья to like iron man after one episode of the Armored Adventures. I Любовь that he is a genius yet still a Playboy millionaire.
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