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 150920 IU performing 'I'm 23' at 7th Debut Anniversary Fanmeeting
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This IU фото contains hip boot, thigh boot, голые ноги, колготки, плотно прилегающие брюки, обтягивающая, обтягивающие брюки, облегающие, плотно облегающий штаны, плотно облегающий, чулочно-носочные изделия, шланг, and шланги. There might also be шорты, чулок, легкий костюм с шортами, спортивный костюм, and комбинезон.

According to an affiliate of IU‘s agency LOEN Entertainment, IU has filed a lawsuit against malicious commenters and netizens on November 17, Показ fake фото that netizens have used to spread false rumors about her.

The affiliate stated, “We have collected her fake фото and evidence of people spreading false rumors about her even before her comeback. We have already filed the lawsuit and we plan to give criminal punishment.”

The agency is still continuing to monitor for malicious netizens and plans to Показать no mercy to them.

Meanwhile, IU has sued netizens before in 2013 and settled the lawsuit by requesting 200 hours of community service from them.

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It’s the Battle of the барберри, burberry Coats!

Two coats, five people. Who wore it best?

Let’s start with the барберри, burberry Brit down-filled пальто ($1,395 USD), which comes with a detachable капот, худ with removable fox-fur trim.

IU wore the пальто in black last week in Tokyo. The singer posed for a Marie Claire photoshoot and accessorized (naturally) with a барберри, burberry scarf and bag. Black ankle peeptoe boots finished her casual look.




Yoon Eun Hye wore the same пальто in ocher last December at Incheon International Airport. Although the weather must have been quite cold, the actress wore the puffer coat...
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Even after IU apologized for the controversy surrounding the lyrics in her song “Zeze,” critics and supporters continue to Дебаты about the interpretation of her lyrics.

Writer Soh Jae Won wrote on his personal Twitter, “Even in art we respect taboos. If someone dragged my pure work of art across a boundary line and used ‘art’ as a justification, I would curse them. We must respect boundaries so that art can remain art.”

In contrast, film critic and TV personality Heo Ji Woong took a supportive stance by criticizing the publishers of “My Sweet оранжевый Tree.” “It is not right...
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On the November 5 airing of Mnet's 'Superstar K7,' contestant Kevin Oh had some one-on-one time with Sung Si Kyung to whom he relayed his ideal type was IU.

As a result, Sung Si Kyung had a special surprise prepared, connecting Kevin Oh to IU via a phone call! Kevin Oh сказал(-а) to her, "I'm a huge fan. I hope that we could sing a song together."

She replied, "I really enjoyed your Maroon 5 stage with Jhameel Kim," upping Kevin Oh's mood with her kind compliment. He stated on this episode, "I think she's еще boyish than I thought. I really like her."

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