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 150920 IU performing 'I'm 23' at 7th Debut Anniversary Fanmeeting
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This IU фото contains hip boot, thigh boot, голые ноги, колготки, плотно прилегающие брюки, обтягивающая, обтягивающие брюки, облегающие, плотно облегающий штаны, плотно облегающий, чулочно-носочные изделия, шланг, and шланги. There might also be шорты, чулок, легкий костюм с шортами, спортивный костюм, and комбинезон.

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With photos, netizens speculate this вверх female idol is close to Sulli

Sulli has been driving netizens and Фаны crazy with her endless Обновления on her Instagram. But instead of criticism, did netizens find good in Sulli’s postings?

Originally Опубликовано on Pann, netizens speculate that this female idol is close to Sulli.

Titled “I Think Sulli and IU Are Close,” here is the direct translation of the post and Комментарии below.



Sulli: “Jieun unni made me Еда while she should be resting.. I’m sorry…. But imagining her making Еда with her small hands like that, I want her to do it again...
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