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 I feel amazed and honoured.
I feel amazed and honoured.
1. Jongrats Cate for being the new Jate FOTM~ How do Ты feel?
Thankyou so much!!! I feel amazed and honoured. I haven't been on Fanpop very long, so being FOTM for the best spot and best ship of all time is just incredable! Thankyou to everyone who voted for me

2. Usual question, tell us something about yourself?
Well, I'm 17, and am the first Aussie jister :P. I'm a complete chocoholic, I Любовь to read just about anything, and Любовь to write. When I leave school I'd like to do a uni degree in teaching-I Любовь children, and helping them learn and grow everyday would be an amazing job.
 I was hooked from the pilot.
I was...
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CONGRTS S! Ты totally deserved this :)

First of all, I would Любовь to thank all Jaters on this spot. Ты are amazing! Thanks for being so active and for this FOTM xD Любовь YA!


1. As usual xD, why don't Ты start by introducing yourself and by telling us something we don't know about you? xP

OK. So, I'm Sylwia :) Most of Ты knows me as S или biased Desmond fangirl who would die for blue рубашка или the one who loves to spam Остаться в живых spot with icons. .. well I’m from Poland. A beautiful country Ты all should visit! I’m 18 years old..almost 19. And I will have THE...
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I know Emm already wrote these amazing Статьи with the best reasons we Любовь Jate for,but I decided to take a look at some other kinda neglected moments.So here they are:

1.The way she looks at them.

Now as we know Kate`s the middle of the unfamous Любовь triangle,so it should be her feelings that are questionable.
Well,I`ll just let the pictures to speak for themselves.
 Kate looks at Sawyer like this
Kate looks at Sawyer like this

 and she looks at Jack like that.:)
and she looks at Jack like that.:)

Can Ты see the Любовь или what?=)

2."You know where to find me"
..."You know where to find me too"
"House of the rising sun".SUCH a Jate episode!Anyone remember...
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 Congrats Ola!
Congrats Ola!
I just wanted to say that whole credit for Вопросы goes to Sophia. I'm just posting interview since she's being abset and she asked me to :)

1. How do Ты feel being the New Jate FOTM?
I'm so happy and suprised! But it feels great, thanks for everyone who voted on me. :)

2. Start by telling us something about yourself. :)
So, I'm Ola, I come form small city in Poland and I'm fifteen, in last class of middle school. I consider myself for tv junkie, shipping whore, Книги addicted and rock Музыка prayer.

3. When and how did Ты start watching Lost?
The idea appeared in the half of August this year,...
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 Jongrats Sophia!
Jongrats Sophia!
1.Jongrats Sophia! How does it feel to be New Jate FOTM?
Thank you!It feels amazing,I’m so proud!Thank Ты all for voting for me,it means a lot!:)

2. As usually, maybe Ты could tell us something about yourself firstly?
Well,I’m from Rome in Italy,I’m a student,one день I hope to become a doctor.What else…I can’t live without my bike,it takes me everywhere, LOL And I’m crazy about TV shows,xD.

3. So, when and how did your adventure with Остаться в живых started?
 "I loved their first meeting"
"I loved their first meeting"
Well actually my cousin had the DVD for season one and I watched that one with her,that was...
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So I found these on fanforum...

“Surely what he feels for this woman isn't due to her possessing his pen. She seems to possess his very soul”

“Kate burns into his soul and will not let him loose”

“ Kate is complete with Jack by her side”

"Nothing is irreversible.". She clearly is imploring him not to give up on them”

“Jack looks at his rescuer...She has always been with him!”

“She tells him "It's over" but her eyes say somethings just about to start.”

“She is willing to пересекать, крест any gulf to bring Jack to her”

"...in a time when passion floated on a tropical evening breeze...
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Hit me, kick me, slap me, хлопать, привкус me all Ты want for being late, but I come bearing gifts. Behold, it's the December FOTM interview with our падуб, holly, холли Dolly!

1.WOOOOO, FOTM! And with HOLLY! Yaay! So, what does it feel like?
This is an honor to me! I still can't quite believe how accepting Ты guys are of me. I know I was such a brat in the past, and I'm just truly thankful to have been дана a секунда chance!

2.Since we are such nosy people, we want Ты to tell us something about yourself.
Well, if Ты don't already know, I'm 21 & I live in Maryland [USA]. I'm obsessed with all things БрукАс (Брук и Лукас) &...
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posted by tinkerbell_cate
Hi Guys
I've had this idea in my head for a little while and I figured I'd get it typed out. Its basically my version of Jate scenes. If Ты guys like it, I'll do some еще for Ты :P

To start off I'm going to base my scenes around Kate's quote "I have ALWAYS been with you", and Показать Ты just how true that is.

The very first time she was with Jack? when she stopped running, faced her fears and help stitch him up.: Kate's head was spinning. The crash, the fact that she was free, that the marshall was hurt, her capture, what she was going to do now.....the thoughts swirled around in her brain, all...
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 Thank Ты for all that voted for me!
Thank you for all that voted for me!
1. Jongrats to Ты Mon on being the newest Jate FOTM! How do Ты feel?
God, is such an honor ! Thank Ты for all that voted for me ! Ты guys are so awesome ! {PFF . But we already knew that}

2. So Ты know the drill by now! Tell us something about yourself.
I’m Mexican. My Избранное Цвета is blue & red, I’m an angst addicted, I’m not even close to finishing high school & my Избранное subject is English & Музыка

 I actually got interested in Остаться в живых by fanvids
I actually got interested in Остаться в живых by fanvids
3. When/ why did Ты start watching Lost?
I actually got interested in Остаться в живых by fanvids & that’s all I watched...
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posted by othfangirl129
 Image Credit goes to owner
Image Credit goes to owner
I was inspired by an Статья on the Leyton (lucas/peyton from one дерево hill) spot, where a user made a Leyton ABC article, so I started thinking and realized I could make a Jate ABC's list, some letters might not be as good as others.

A: Angst, many Jate scenes are very Angst heavy and although it gets old sometimes, we all know we Любовь a little Jate angst.

B: Black (Standard Black), the color used by Kate in the pilot to stich up Jack's wound. One of the main Jate stables.

C: Count to Five, the story that Jack told Kate on the день of the crash, that both Kate and Jack have used in different...
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posted by othfangirl129
 Jate is Epic (and Fate), credit goes to owner
Jate is Epic (and Fate), credit goes to owner
We all know that the couples of Остаться в живых are epic such as; Jate (duh!), PB&J (Charlie/Claire), Suliet (Sawyer/Juliet), DesPen (Desmond/Penny) are the obvious ones, then there are the other couples that most people Любовь such as; Hurley/Libby, Sun/Jin, Daniel/Charlotte, Rose/Bernard and Shannon/Sayid, so what makes these couples so epic, espicially Jate?

1. All of the couples have a trademark scene/episode/moment.

Jate- The Story, TMFT, 'Because I Любовь you', The proposal (ok so maybe Jate have еще then one, but who сказал(-а) that was a bad thing?)

PB&J: The арахис butter!

Suliet: the LaFleur episode...
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 I could not be happier right now! I have to thank all my lovely Jisters ♥
I could not be happier right now! I have to thank all my lovely Jisters ♥
So,Em!First of all,CONGRATS!SO deserved!

aww, thank yooou! I could not be happier right now! I have to thank all my lovely Jisters ♥

1.Let`s start with some Вопросы about yourself.Tell us something we don`t know about you?:P

Hmm... I can ice skate? I've done it since I was about 6 and I've won some competitions with it and stuff xD (btw, that actually hurt to type 'skate')

2.How would Ты describe yourself in three words?

ARGH! hard! LOL
Freak, freak, freak :P *mwuahahah*

3.If someone has never seen Остаться в живых and asks Ты why Ты Любовь Jate,what would tell him?

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posted by backtoblack








17th -Filipa

3th Hannah


Any left out Jister-we just didn`t know your birthday!Let me now and you`ll be added!;)
‘The wedding will be canceled’ Mark сказал(-а) with great confidence to his wife, while she looked at him sideways ignoring his meaningless Комментарий and not letting it distract her from Чтение her book.
‘Did Ты not hear what I just said?’ He сказал(-а) when she did not reply
‘I heard and I refuse to Комментарий on something I don’t understand’ she сказал(-а) still looking at her book.
‘Well, I’ll make it clear to you’ He сказал(-а) faintly smiling
‘I’m listening’ she сказал(-а) putting down the book
‘Simply Sawyer and Kate aren’t going to get married’ He сказал(-а) happily
‘Really?’ She smiled mockingly...
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Ok guys let me just tell Ты that it’s a story еще than it’s a Фан fiction I mean it’s not on the island and the characters have different jobs to suit the story yet the same personality. And you’ll find characters not from Остаться в живых no big parts for them though. I’m publishing it here because it’s about our Избранное couple and I figured that may be you’ll like it :D Please Комментарий and rate :D
‘What’s that dream’ Sawyer thought as he sat in his постель, кровати uncomfortably. He’s been dreaming that dream ever since the wedding дата has been set, and it’s all working as he’s to marry...
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