Jack and Kate ^, <, V Game

Lie_to_Me_123 posted on Feb 07, 2010 at 08:01PM
I stole this from my very good friend Lauren on the NCIS spot. All credit goes to her! :)

All you need to know is that:

^- Answers the question.
<- Tells what you're doing.
v- Question.

Example: Do you like the idea of Jate?

^ Of course.
< Watching TV.
v Favorite Jate moment?

Even though we're on the Jate spot, the questions asked don't have to be about Jack and Kate. Feel free to ask whatever you want.

I thought this would be a good way get the spot more active and people get to know each other :)


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Больше года iLoveChair said…
^ Jack tells Kate he loves her <3
> YAY, I love the idea of this game.. we have this on Glee spot..xD
V Favorite Jate quote?
Больше года Emm_xD said…
^ "But I will come back here for you."
> awesome game hun :D
v Do you think Jate will be endgame?
Больше года Lie_to_Me_123 said…
big smile
^ Hehe, Of course! :D
< Thanks you two :)
v Best Season for Jate, in your opinion?
Больше года sk91 said…
^Though S4 has more Jate scenes I prefer S1 because of their verbal copulation XD
<Awesome Game!
v Jack or Kate?
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Больше года Lie_to_Me_123 said…
^ Jack <333
< Thanks Sylwia!
v Favourite off island scene?
Больше года backtoblack said…
<I`m really tired so I`m going to sleep now!lol
v how excited are you about next Lost episode?
Больше года iLoveChair said…
big smile
^ Jack all the way!
EDIT: ^answer to Eliza's Q: VERY EXCITED!!
> I don't know what to say now, I'll just say ILY all Jaters and I'm glad I started to be more active here! :D
V Not Jate related: What's your favorite food?
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Больше года sk91 said…
^Chocolate! Always XD .. not actually food but oh well ;p
> We love you too Nat ;p
V Is next episode gonna be Jate episode?
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Больше года Lie_to_Me_123 said…
big smile
^ I hope so! :)
< Thanks for welcoming me everyone!
V Favourite off island scene?
Больше года sk91 said…
^"I`m so glad that you are here!”scene. LOVE!
<watching Lost 6x03 trailer (Jate Please!)
v Favourite scene when Kate shows she loves Jack not Sawyer?!
Больше года laurik2007 said…
classic scene as our motto:))
Jack: "Are you with me?" Kate: "I have always been with you!"
Which Jate scenes,off the island or on the island?
Больше года frsbg said…
^ On island! no contest ;P
< thinking about how great this game is ;P
v Favourite on island scene?
Больше года sarahemily2828 said…
^ Jack checking out Kate :)
< watching lost, season 3 episode 3
v Best Jate kiss?
Больше года Emm_xD said…
^ their first kiss, closely followed by 316 ♥
< getting ready to go to sleep now! lol
v Favourite Evangeline quote about Jate?
Больше года laurik2007 said…
big smile
^"It will happen, just wait for it..it will happen.." love it
<happy cuz i just saw Avatar♥
vFavourite Matthew quote about Jate?
Больше года backtoblack said…
^ "I think there is a very deep desire there and not just physical,but emotional.There is a connection."
< i`m hungry!lol random much?
v favourite Darolton quote about Jate?lol
Больше года Emm_xD said…
^ "Jack is the guy she should be with. She genuinely loves him."
< watching Lost fan vids xP
v what's your 2nd fave ship on Lost?
Больше года sk91 said…
^ Desmond\Penny<33
< watching Fringe\JEFOT
v Evangeline or Matthew?
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Больше года xoheartinohioxo said…
^ Evangeline
< Listening to "In my veins"
v Favorite Josh quote about Jate?
Больше года sk91 said…
^"Well, she’s obviously going to choose the doctor in my worldview! Why wouldn’t she?"
> trying to move some forums :P
V least favourite ship on Lost?
Больше года xoheartinohioxo said…
^ Sawyer & Juliet
< Watching Jeopardy with my Grandma!
V JK's first kiss or last kiss?
Больше года sk91 said…
^first always.
< watching Merlin.
v Skate or Jacket?
Больше года backtoblack said…
^Jacket like duuh
<listening to music
V January or February spot look?
Больше года sk91 said…
^ so not fair! Loved both so much. and both scenes! I think I'll go with February ...
< still thinking 'the hell with Eli and picking Jacket over Skate?' LMAO
V Favourite couple other than Jate.
Больше года Eirinaki_b_13 said…
^ Favourite couple? Brucas!!
< I am listening to music
V Favourite Jate related song?