"Daddy! Daddy!" Rosa сказал(-а) as she ran up to Jack as he walked in through the door. 
          "Hi sweetie!" Jack сказал(-а) picking Rosa up. "What did Ты and mommy do today?"
          "We talked about Цвета for the Дети room and we felt the baby kick!" 
          "Really? That's great! What Цвета did Ты choose?" Jack asked, walking into the living room with Rosa still in his arms.
           "Me and mommy сказал(-а) that purple's a nice color, but my room's purple, so then we сказал(-а) that оранжевый and a pale розовый look nice, so we are thinking about those colors, but mommy wanted to see if Ты liked those colors. So do you?" Rosa сказал(-а) out of breath.
           "I think those two Цвета would look beautiful, tomorrow's my день off, would Ты like to get the paint then?" 
            "Can we mommy!?" Rosa asked.
            "Of corse we can!" Rose сказал(-а) getting up to Kiss Jack. "Hi sweetie."
            "Rosa сказал(-а) that Ты guys felt the baby kick?" 
            "Yes! Come sit down, Ты might be able to feel it!" Rose сказал(-а) pulling Jack over to the couch. "Just put your hand here." Rose said, placing Jacks hand on her stomach.  "Feel it?"
             "Yea! I do feel it!" Jack сказал(-а) Поцелуи Rose's stomach.
 3 months later....

Jack and Rosa were packing away the baby's clothes in the drawers. The room had оранжевый and  pale розовый walls, white furniture, a bright оранжевый blanket for the crib, and had Цветы and Бабочки painted on the walls.
          "So Rosa, do Ты think that the baby's going to be a boy или a girl?" Jack asked Rosa as she was putting clothes in the drawer.
           "A boy ."
           "You think so?"
           "Yes. Because if it's a girl, I won't be your little girl anymore." 
           "Rosa, Ты will always, and I mean always, be daddy's little girl, I promise." Jack сказал(-а) as he picked Rosa up and kissed her forehead. 
           "I Любовь Ты daddy." Rosa сказал(-а) hugging Jack.
           "I Любовь Ты too."
         Rose was lying on the couch, rubbing her stomach. "Me, daddy, and sissy are so excited to... JACK!!!!! IT'S TIME!!!!" 
          "Sweetie, mommy's about to have her baby, I have to go help her and call the midwife, Ты stay here, alright? And don't worry, mommy's gonna be alright. I Любовь you." Jack сказал(-а) as he kissed Rosa and ran out of the room, closing the door behind him. 
          "Coming!" he сказал(-а) as he ran into the living room.
          "Where's Rosa?" Rose asked in pain.
          "She's in the babys room, I told her Ты were having the baby and Ты were gonna be alright. I'll go call the midwife then get the towels." Jack сказал(-а) as he went to the phone. "Hello. My wife is in labour, 115 Chippewa Falls. Thank you." he hung up the phone and went into the living room. "Five to ten minutes, I'll go get the towels, and check on Rosa, Ты alright?"
          "Yes. I'm fine, go check on Rosa." Rose said. Jack went into the closet, got all the towels, set them up, kissed Rose, and went into check on Rosa.
          "Hi sweetie, Ты okay?" Jack asked as he entered the room.
          "Yes daddy. How's mommy feeling?" 
          "She's okay, when the midwife gets here, do Ты want me to come in here with you?" 
           "Yes please." 
            "Alright sweetie, I'll go out with mommy until the midwife comes then I'll come back in here. I Любовь you." Jack сказал(-а) as he walked out of the room. 
           "Rosa wants me to be in there with her, so when the midwife gets here, I'm gonna go in with her, but if Ты need me, sing out for me, okay?" Jack сказал(-а) as he walked out into the living room. 
           "That's fine sweetie, I want Rosa to be okay as well, and if I need you, I promise, I'll sing out for you." there was a knock at the door. 
             "I'll go get it." Jack сказал(-а) as he walked out to get the door. "She's in there." he сказал(-а) waking the midwife into the living room. "Okay sweetie, I'm going in with Rosa, sing out if Ты need anything. I Любовь you." Jack сказал(-а) Поцелуи Rose.
             "Hi sweetie. The midwife's here with mommy, she's going to be fine, now how about we finish packing away the baby's clothes?"
            "Ya!"  Rosa сказал(-а) giving Jack a kiss.
After 2 hours of contractions and a half час of screaming, the midwife knocked on the door.
           "Mr.Dawson. Would Ты like to see Ты daughter?" 
           "Come on Rosa, let's go see your baby sister!" Jack сказал(-а) carrying Rosa out to the living room. 
           "Say hi to daddy and sissy!" Rose сказал(-а) holding the baby in her arms. "Here Jack, take her. She looks like you." Rose сказал(-а) handing Jack the baby.  
           "Hi! How are you? Do Ты wanna see your sister? Rosa, come over here." Jack said, Показ Rosa her sister.
           "Mommy, Daddy, want are Ты gonna name her?" 
Jack and Rose looked at each other and Rose finally spoke up "Well sweetie, we were thinking that we would let Ты name her."
          "Really!" she had a long thought then finally spoke up "Can we name her April?" 
          "April sounds nice to me, Ты Jack?"
          "Sounds good to me! April Dawson. I Любовь it!"
          "Jack, Ты remember Cora? From Titanic?" Rose asked.
          "Yea, why?" 
           "Why don't April's middle name be Cora? I mean, she was a beautiful girl and really sweet, and she loved Ты and Ты loved her."
          "April Cora Dawson. That sounds really nice and I did Любовь her, at that moment, she was like a daughter to me. But now I have three  beautiful girls." he сказал(-а) Поцелуи Rose.
         "Come sit on the диван, мягкий уголок Rosa, say hi to April." Rose said, moving over a bit. 
        "Isn't she beautiful Rosa?"
         "She is mommy, I Любовь her." 
         "And me and daddy will always Любовь the both of you." Rose сказал(-а) Поцелуи Rosa, then Поцелуи Jack, and finally Поцелуи April Cora Dawson.