If Jack had Lived; Cal's Revenge 

      "Jack, this one looks nice." Rose said, pointing to a new comforter. 
       "Yea, it does. So is this the one Ты want?" Jack asked.
        "Yes. I think that one will do." Rose said, picking it up and walking over to the check-out. "Come on Rosa and April."
    If only they knew that right across from them in the store, Cal was watching their every move. Cal knew that Jack and Rose were alive, but he didn't know where they were until a couple of weeks назад when he was driving by their house and saw Rose come out the front door, Cal thought of pulling over to see her, but right then a car pulled into the driveway and Jack got out of the car. Then two girls ran out of the house and ran up and hugged Jack, Cal rolled down the car window and heard "Daddy Daddy!" he then decided that to get back at Jack, he needed to take the girls. So since then, Cal had been planning on how to take the girls, and today was his chance.
    Jack, Rose and the girls were up at the check-out. Jack and Rose had their backs turned while they were paying for their new bedroom set, while April and Rosa were wandering around the check-out. 
     Cal was watching them from closer now, he started approaching both girls. He walked up to them quietly, quickly placing his hands over their mouths, and pulling them back into the crowd, only leaving a note addressed "Jack and Rose". 
     "Come on girls. April! Rosa! Jack! Where's April and Rosa!? Jack!" Rose сказал(-а) looking around the check-out. "Jack! Where are they?" Rose сказал(-а)  running over to Jack, crying. 
      "I don't sweetie, but we'll find them. I promise." Jack сказал(-а) as he looked around the check-out as well. He noticed a note on the floor with "Jack and Rose" on it. "Rose! Come here!" 
       "What?! Did Ты find them!?" Rose asked, with little hope left in her voice.
        "No, I didn't find them, just this letter with out names on it, we'll keep looking here and... Well... If we...  If we...Don't find them.... We'll Uh.... Go to the car and open the...um... The note." Jack said, sounding like he was going to break down and cry. 
      They continued to Поиск around the store, but they couldn't find them, not even a clue of where they could be. So they decided to go to their car and read the note.
      "Rose. If Ты ever want to see the girls again, come to the hotel and meet me at the back, I'll be there at five o'clock tonight. Your daughters will be with me.
      When Rose finished Чтение the note she broke down into tears. Jack took the note from her so he could read it for himself. When he finished Чтение the note he looked over at Rose, she now had her face in her hands, with tears running down her face and hands.
     "How are you?" Jack asked, with a tear rolling down his cheek.
     "Not... Not... Good." Rose said, lifting her face from her hands. Her face was drenched with tears and was red due to all the crying. "Why... Why would he do this?" Rose asked as she started to cry again.
     "I don't know sweetie. I don't know." Jack said, reaching over and drying Rose's eyes. "Now come on. Let's go to the hotel." 
The drive to the hotel was quiet, due to the fact that neither one of them knew what they were going to face when they got to the hotel. When they finally got to the hotel parking lot, Rose broke down and started  to cry again. 
       "Do Ты just want me to go?" Jack asked.
        "No... I want to go too." Rose said, reaching for the door handle.
Jack and Rose got out of the car and headed for the back of the hotel. When they got near the back, Rose reached for Jack's hand and held it tight. Jack looked over at Rose with a tear rolling down his cheek "It'll be alright. I promise." Jack said, holding Rose's hand a bit tighter now. 
     They reached the back of the hotel. "Cal?" Rose asked with tears rolling down her cheek. "Cal, it's five o'clock. Where's April and Rosa?" 
       "Oh, their  fine." Cal сказал(-а) appearing from the side of the hotel with the girls beside him.
         "Mommy! Daddy!" April and Rosa yelled, running toward Jack and Rose.
         "Shut up!" Cal said, pulling on the necks of their jackets . "Now, if Ты want your daughters, Rose, Ты must come with me." 
          "Never!" Rose yelled, still clenching Jack's hand.
           "Oh well,then I guess you'll never them again. Well, alive that is." Cal smirked as he headed for the hotel.
            "Cal no! Don't do this! Please, don't." Rose said, breaking down into tears.  Rose turned to Jack. "Jack, I can't let him kill them, I... I.... I have to go with him." Rose whispered to Jack.
            "Rose, Ты can't go with him, Ты can't!" Jack said, crying.  
             "Jack, I don't want to go, but I want them to be safe. I'm sorry." Rose said, Поцелуи Jack as tears rolled down their cheeks. "I Любовь Ты Jack."
            "I Любовь Ты too Rose." Jack said, releasing her hand.  Rose walked  away from Jack and headed toward Cal. "Okay Cal, I'm here, now let the girls go with Jack." 
              "You know what Rose? I was going to let Dawson go unharmed, but I think that maybe I shouldn't." Cal said, pulling a gun out of his пальто pocket and aiming it at Jack.
               "Cal, don't! Cal! Don't do it! Jack!" Rose yelled, crying even harder now.
               "Dawson. Ты Переместить one inch and your wife and daughters get a blow to the head." Cal said, with the gun still pointed at Jack. "Good. Dawson, this is what Ты get for stealing my fiancée  you third class filth." Cal grinned as he got ready to pull the trigger.
              "Daddy!"  April and Rosa cried. "I Любовь you." April added. 
               "I Любовь Ты both. I always have and I always will Любовь you." Jack said, now crying.
            "Don't shoot my daddy!" April yelled at Cal."
           "Nothing on Earth can change my mind." Cal said, as he started to pull the trigger.
          "No!!" April yelled, kicking Cal's leg, causing him to lose Jack's target. The gun fired. 
            "Jack!" Rose yelled as she reached for the girls.
             "Oh, he'll be fine. Now! Move, unless Ты wish for another shot fired at Dawson." Cal smirked as he grabbed Rose and the girls, pulling them toward a car near the hotel. 
              "Jack!" Rose yelled as Cal pushed her into the Cal. Rose never got a reply, instead, all she got was silence. As the car drove off Rose looked back at Jack, the sight she saw was brutal; Jack lying on the ground, motionless with a staff member Далее to him, trying to help. "I Любовь Ты Jack." Rose whispered as the car drove away.