Jack was lying down in his hospital bed, the same place he had been for the past five days. The surgery on his knee went fine and he was going to get out soon. He was then awoken by a worker "Excuse me. Where are my wife and kids?" he asked, a little groggy due to all of the sleep. 
            "I'm sorry. No one came here with you." She сказал(-а) as she was clearing his Еда tray.
   Then, Jack remembered what had happened, it was about five nights ago, he was at the back of the hotel, with Rose and they were going to get Rosa and April from Cal. But Cal told them that Rose had to go with him if they wanted the girls to be safe, so Rose went to Cal but then Cal shot him in the leg. Then Cal took Rose and the girls away and left Jack there bleeding until a hotel worker came to assist him, but by the time he was able to get up, they'd already drove away.

   Back at the hotel, Cal was explaining the "Rules" to the girls. "You do not leave this room, Ты stay here until we go to New York in five days, Ты do not even go out in the hallway in this hotel, and when I leave this room, Ты do not open the door for anyone nor do Ты answer the phone. And the number one rule, Ты do not say Jack, Daddy, или Dawson and from now on, your last names are Hockley. Now Rose, give me your ring. And any other jewelry he gave you."
          "No!" Rose yelled. 
          "I didn't ask Do Ты want to give me your ring and any other jewelry? I сказал(-а) GIVE me the jewelry!" Cal yelled back at her. 
           "No! First Ты shoot him, then Ты take me and our daughters away from him! Then Ты tell us that we can't even say his name and that we have to change our last names!And now Ты have the nerve to tell me to take off any piece of jewelry he gave me and give it to you! No! I'm not doing it!" Rose yelled as she started to cry.
            "Fine. But if anyone asks Ты where did Ты get them, tell them your daughters gave them to Ты and that I gave Ты the ring." 
             "When's anyone gonna see them? I mean, we're trapped in here for five days." Rose snapped.
     Cal let out a sigh and then walked out of the room, shutting the door behind him.

         "Okay Mr. Dawson, Ты are able to go Главная now. We checked all your papers and Ты seem to be fine. Is anyone coming to pick Ты up или do Ты need a ride back to your house?" asked one of the hospital staff.
         "I need a ride Главная please." Jack answered.
          "Okay. Where do Ты live?" 
          "115 Chippewa Falls." 
           "Okay! Let's get Ты home!" сказал(-а) the worker as she helped Jack out of the hospital and into the car. 
            "Excuse, do know of Caledon Hockley?" Jack asked as he got into the car.
             "You mean Nathan Hockley's son?" asked the worker as she was leaving the hospital parking lot.
             "Yes. He's was in town a couple days назад and I was wondering if he's still here."
              "Well, I heard different things around town, but the one I heard the most was that he's been here for quite a while now; almost three weeks, and that, well, if this is correct, he's staying at the hotel near Chippewa Falls. But, that might not all be true." she answered.
               "And did anyone say how long he's going to be staying here?"
               "Why yes, someone did. He should be here until the end if the week, then he's heading off to New York." 
                "Thank you." Jack said, starring out the window.
                "Okay here we are! 115 Chippewa Falls!" сказал(-а) the worker as she pulled into the driveway. "Remember, you're not allowed to do any running или any thing like that, if Ты do run, it might make your leg cramp up and it will be very hard to walk on, if that does happen, just keep your leg up for a while and if Ты can't walk on it after two days, call the hospital. Just take it easy for about a week или so." she told Jack as he got out of the car.
                 "I will." Jack сказал(-а) as he shut the car door. "Thank you."                   
   When the worker left the street, Jack went his house, grabbed his car keys, and ran for the car. He got in the car and drove off to the hotel. He pulled into the hotel parking lot, shut the door and ran for the hotel. "Excuse me, what room is Caledon Hockley in?" he asked panting.
               "He's in suite 1, at the end of the hallway, just go left and you'll find it." she said, pointing down the hallway. 
               "Thank you." Jack сказал(-а) as he ran down the hallway.
                "But he just left about an час или so назад and still isn't back." she called out to him.
     As Jack ran down the hallway, Cal appeared from a door behind the counter. "Is he gone?" he asked the worker.
              "Yes, he just ran down the hallway." she told Cal.
               "Excellent.  Now, when he comes back here, give him this note and tell him it's from Mr. Hockley." he сказал(-а) handing the worker a note and twenty bucks, then he went back in the room behind the counter.
       Jack was running down the hallway toward Cal's suite,"Rose!" he yelled as he knocked on the door.
   Rose was inside playing patty-cake with the girls, "Jack? Jack?!" Rose yelled as she ran toward the door. She opened the door to see Jack standing there, "Jack!" she сказал(-а) as she kissed him and hugged into him and started crying. "I Любовь Ты Jack. I'm so sorry." 
             "It's okay, and I Любовь Ты too, now go get the girls and let's get out of here before he gets back." 
             "Girls! Come on! Daddy's here and we're going home!" Rose called out to the girls.
             "Daddy!!!!" they yelled as they ran up to him.
             "Hey sweeties, now come on, we have to get home."
 They ran down the hallway, Jack and Rose were holding hands and had a hold of Rosa and Arpil's hands as well. 
               "Excuse me, Mr. Dawson," сказал(-а) the women behind the counter as Jack and the girls ran in to the lobby." Mr. Dawson, Mr. Hockley wanted me to give this to you." she said, handing him the note. 
                "Rose I'll be one minute, here, take the keys and go out and wait it the car." Jack сказал(-а) handing Rose the car keys. He opened the note.
    "Dawson, I just thought I would inform Ты that those were the Best five days of my life with Rose. We really had a great time together."
   Jack didn't think much of the note, instead, he just crumpled it up and threw it on the floor and then walked out into the pouring rain.
    When Jack went outside Cal came back out. "Did he get it?" he asked the worker.
             "Yes. Yes he did." 
             "Perfect." Cal smirked as he walked toward the hallway.  

                "It's really raining out." Jack сказал(-а) as he got into the car.
                 "Yea." Rose сказал(-а) as she reached for Jack's hand, but instead he moved his hand away and put it on the steering wheel.

                  "We're home!" Jack said, pulling into the driveway.
                  "Finally!" Rose said, leaning in to Kiss Jack, but once again, was shot down. 
                  "Come on girls!" Jack сказал(-а) as he got out of the car. He opened the girl's car doors and picked them up and carried them to the door. Rose got out of the car and walked up to the door. 
                  "Jack can Ты help me with supper?" Rose asked as she walked in through the door.
                  "Sure." Jack сказал(-а) as he headed for the кухня with Rose.
                  "Jack, I was thinking that maybe tonight, after the girls are in bed, me and Ты could have some alone time." Rose whispered into Jacks ear.
                  "I'm not sure because of my leg." Jack сказал(-а) as he quickly turned around and avoided another Kiss from Rose. "I have to go check my leg." he сказал(-а) as he started toward the bathroom. 
                   "Jack! That's the секунда time I went to Kiss and that's the секунда time Ты just avoided me! I've been gone for five days and I want to Kiss Ты and hold your hand and spend some time alone with Ты and every time Ты just shut me down! What is wrong with you?!" Rose asked with tears rolling down her cheeks.
                  "What happened between Ты and Cal?" Jack asked.
                  "You think something happened between me and Cal?! Jack! I hate him! He took me and our daughters! He shot you! Why would Ты even think something happened between us!? Do Ты not trust me?!" Rose yelled at Jack, crying a a bit harder now.
                   "Well Rose, if nothing happened, why did Cal leave me a note telling me those were the Best five days of his life with you?!" Jack yelled, with a tear running down his face.
                    "Jack! He did that to get to your head! I swear! Nothing happened between us!" Rose said, crying. "Just, just go check your leg." Rose said, as she turned away as Jack walked out of the kitchen.
"Rose, I'm sorry, the note, it just-. Rose? Rosa, where's mommy?" Jack asked as Rosa came into the kitchen.
                     "She left. She told me to give Ты this note." Rosa сказал(-а) as she handed Jack a note.
     "Jack, I can't live with someone who doesn't trust me. When Ты trust me again, I'll be at the hotel. 
   Jack dropped the note and ran for the door. "Daddy!" Rosa yelled.
                 "Daddy will be back soon sweetie, I have to get mommy!" Jack сказал(-а) as he  ran to the door. 
   Jack looked up the улица, уличный and saw Rose walking in the rain a couple of houses up. "Rose!" Jack yelled. "Rose! Rose come back! I'm sorry! The note, it just-! Anyway! Rose! Please come back! I do trust you!" 
 Rose heard Jack sing out to her, but she didn't look back.
                  "Rose! Rose come back!" Jack yelled as he began to run.
   All of a sudden, a pain struck him in his knee, the pain was unbearable and he collapsed to the ground. Inside, the girls saw Jack collapse to the ground and they ran outside in the pouring rain to help him. "Daddy Daddy!" Rosa yelled as she ran up to Jack. "Are Ты okay?" she asked hugging him.
               "Yes, daddy's leg just really hurts sweetie and the pain caused me to fall." Jack said, struggling to get up.
               "Can Ты get up daddy?" April asked.
               "I don't think so sweetie."
   Rosa looked up the улица, уличный and saw Rose a few houses up. "MOMMY!! MOMMY!!" 
    Rose heard her daughter's voice and decided to turn around. When she turned around, she saw Jack lying on the ground with the girls around him. 
              "Jack! Jack!" Rose yelled as she ran down the road and hugged into Jack. "April, Rosa, go inside and and get dry, me and daddy will be in soon." Rose told the girls.
             "Okay mommy." they сказал(-а) as they ran toward the house.
             "Oh Jack, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry. And I understand why Ты had your doubts, Cal and I were engaged. And I didn't get that before, I'm so sorry Jack, I Любовь you." Rose said, with tears rolling down her face.
              "But Rose, I should have trusted Ты when Ты told me nothing happened, and I didn't. I'm sorry. I Любовь you." Jack said, holding Rose in close. Rose leaned in for a Kiss and they shared a passionate Kiss in the pouring rain.
              "Come on sweetie, let's get Ты inside." Rose сказал(-а) as she helped Jack up. "And Jack, I could never live without you."
            "And I could never Любовь without you."