Rose." Jack said, walking out from April's room, shutting the door behind him.
       "They're asleep already?!" Rose joked.
       "Yes. Out like a light." Jack сказал(-а) sitting down on the диван, мягкий уголок Далее to Rose. "I've been thinking."
        "And?" Rose interrupted.
        "Well. Remember on Титаник when Ты сказал(-а) Ты wanted to go to that Pier down in Santa Monica? Well, do Ты still want to go?"
         "Jack! Ты remembered that?!" Rose yelled hugging into him. 
          "Rose, I remember every word Ты say." Jack сказал(-а) Поцелуи her forehead. "Well? Do Ты want to? I could call the hotel and the sitter and we could leave in two days. But only if Ты want!"
          "Of corse I do!" Rose сказал(-а) with excitement.
           "Okay. We'll call the sitter and book the room tomorrow. We leave in two days. Now come on, let's head to постель, кровати for some alone time." Jack сказал(-а) stroking Rose's hair. 
            "Carry me." Rose joked, as she extended her arms for Jack to pick her up.
             "Alright." Jack laughed as he picked Rose up and carried her down the hall like a groom carries his new bride. Jack carried Rose into the room and laid her on the bed. "Lay down Далее to me!" Rose сказал(-а) patting the empty Космос on the bed.  "Put your hands on me Jack." Rose whispered in Jacks ear as he laid down Далее to her. 
               "Alright." he сказал(-а) as he began Поцелуи her passionately.

               "So me and daddy are going to be going on a little vacation; just the two of us. We will be gone for one night and two days. The sitter is going to be staying with Ты two. Is that okay?"
            "Yes mommy." Rosa and April said.
             "When are Ты and daddy leaving?" Rosa asked hugging into Jack.
              "In the morning." Jack сказал(-а) looking down at Rosa.  
              "Okay daddy."
                Will Ты bring us back something?" April asked.
              "Yes sweetie." Jack said. 
              "Yay!" April giggled. "So where are Ты going?"
              "We are going to a place where daddy used to live; before he met mommy. Mommy has wanted to go there for a while so since it has been 7 years since me and mommy met this month, we decided to do something special." Jack said, Поцелуи Rose's cheek.
               "Oh.  Mommy, how did Ты and daddy meet?" Rosa asked.
                "We met aboard a really big ship called Titanic, and daddy saved me from falling off. We spent some time together and we fell in love. Your father saved me. In еще ways then anyone will ever know." Rose сказал(-а) smiling at Jack.
                "Can we go on it one day?" April asked. Jack and Rose gave each other a look, and then Jack spoke up. "Sweetie, Титаник only sailed once, because it hit an iceberg.... And sank." Jack said; looking over at Rose who was crying a little.
                "Oh." April said. 
                "Yeah. Sorry sweetie. Ты and Rosa head to bed, I will be in to tuck Ты guys in soon. I just need to talk to mommy for a while." Jack said.
                "Okay daddy!" they сказал(-а) as they got up and went to their room.
                "You okay?" Jack asked as he sat closer to Rose and put his arm around her.
                 "Yes. Just the memories of it. The screams, the cold water, the bodies, the coldness, us in the water. It's just too hard to remember it." Rose said, as Jack wipped the tears off her face.
                  "But it's over now. And I'm here. And I know it was hard. But we have to be strong. It's over and done with." Jack сказал(-а) Поцелуи her. "Now I have to tuck the girls in and we have to pack, come on sweetie." Jack сказал(-а) helping Rose up.
                 "Goodbye girls! I Любовь you!" Rose yelled as her and Jack were getting ready to leave. 
                 "Love Ты too mommy!"  they called from their rooms.
                  "Got everything?" Rose asked Jack as he walked out of April's room, picking up the suitcases.
                  "Yeah. Let's go go!" he said, opening the door for Rose. "You excited?" 
                  "Yes!" Rose сказал(-а) excited.

           The ride to Santa Monica was going to be about 6 hours but Rose didn't mind; she was too excited to care.
            "Jack." Rose started.
            "I've been thinking about this for a while. And I was wondering, how Ты feel about another baby. I'm not pregnant, well I'm not sure, I gotten sick a few times the past three weeks, I've gained some weight, and I feel different. So it could be possible."
             "Well. Another baby would be nice. I mean, I wouldn't mind another one, I think it would be nice. And if Ты are pregnant, that's fine! And Rose, Ты don't look like you've gained weight." Jack сказал(-а) smiling.
             "I feel the same way Ты do, I mean, I would Любовь another baby!  I actually think I am pregnant. " 
              "Rose! This is amazing! When will Ты know for sure?" Jack сказал(-а) holding Rose's hand. 
               "Soon, but considering the way I've been feeling, and the size of my stomach, I'm pretty sure I am pregnant." 
                "This is great!" Jack сказал(-а) excited.
      "Rose." Jack сказал(-а) waking Rose up. "We're here, well at the hotel."
       "What?" Rose asked a little groggy. "We're here?!" She сказал(-а) looking out the window.
         "We'll go to our room then go to the Pier, we'll have ужин there." Jack сказал(-а) opening his door. 
         They went into their room, got their stuff organized and headed off to the pier.
           "Here we are!" Jack сказал(-а) as he pulled into the parking lot.
            "Jack! It's beautiful!" Rose сказал(-а) rushing out of the car.
             "I believe cheap пиво is first." Jack laughed as he got out of the car.
             "Yes." Rose said, holding Jacks hand as they walked toward a stand to get beer.

        "Here Ты go!" Jack сказал(-а) handing Rose a glass of beer. Rose took the пиво and took 5 chugs. 
         "What? Still can't think a first class- well, a former first class girl can't drink?" Rose joked.
          "Sorry sweetie." Jack сказал(-а) laughing as he kissed Rose. "You ready to ride the roller coaster till you're sick?"
          "Yup!" Rose said, pulling Jack toward the roller coaster.

           "Jack!! I think I'm going to be sick!" Rose screamed as she held on to Jack tightly.
           "That's the plan!" he yelled laughing.
            "That was the best ride ever!" Rose yelled laughing as they got off of the ride.
             "You having fun?" Jack asked.
              "Well come on, there's only one еще thing we have to do!" he said.
        They got 2 Лошади and walked them toward the beach.
          "Do Ты need any help?" Jack asked.
           "Yes. I've never rode a horse like this before!" Rose said.
           "Okay, here we go!" Jack сказал(-а) helping Rose onto the horse. "Now, I know you're use to the that sidesaddle stuff, but Ты promised me Ты would do one leg on each side and they gave Ты a riding suite so Ты can't use that excuse!" Jack laughed as Rose got on the horse. "Now. Ты put one foot in here and the other goes on this side. Got that?" He сказал(-а) as Rose placed her feet properly on the horse. "You're doing great! Now just keep your balance and there Ты go! Great job!" Jack сказал(-а) as he went to his horse. "Okay." he сказал(-а) as he got on. "How ya doing?" Jack сказал(-а) as the Лошади walked toward the surf.
             "I'm doing pretty good actually, this is easier than I thought it would be!" Rose сказал(-а) as her horse walked into the surf. "Jack."
           "Yeah Rose?" Jack сказал(-а) with his horse Далее to Rose's.
            "Thank you. I never thought I would get here because of the way my life was, but, Ты kept your promise, Ты got me here, and you've дана me the best years of my life! You've дана me everything I ask for! Two wonderful kids, a third one on the way, and a normal life!  I Любовь Ты so much and I always will! I can not live without you! I Любовь Ты so much!" Rose сказал(-а) as she got off her horse as they got back to the renter.
             "I Любовь Ты too." Jack said, picking Rose up spinning her around while Поцелуи her passionately in the surf. "You ready to head back to the hotel?" Jack asked as their lips parted.
             "Right after this." Rose сказал(-а) pushing Jack into the water.
             "You're gonna get it!" Jack сказал(-а) grabbing Rose and putting her in the water. "I Любовь you." Jack сказал(-а) leaning into Kiss Rose.
             "I Любовь Ты too." Rose сказал(-а) pushing Jack in under a wave. "Come on! Let's go dry off in the car! There're towels in there from the beach!" Rose сказал(-а) running toward the car with Jack chasing her.

        "Jack. Today was amazing. Thank you." Rose сказал(-а) as she got into bed.
        "You welcome." Jack replied as he laid down Далее to her. "So do Ты know if you're pregnant for sure yet?" 
         "I want to Ты look at my stomach. Then tell me what Ты think." Rose сказал(-а) as she pulled her nightgown up Показ a small baby bump. "Well?" 
       "Yes?" Jack asked.
      "Yes! I'm pregnant!" Rose сказал(-а) Поцелуи Jack.
      "Rose this is amazing! When will we tell the girls?"
       "How about after we give them their gifts, we tell them?" Rose said.
     "Sure." Jack сказал(-а) Поцелуи Rose's stomach. "Good night Ты two." 
           "Good night. I Любовь you." Rose сказал(-а) turning off the lamp.
            "I Любовь Ты too."

           "We're home!" Jack and Rose called as they walked through door.
           "Mommy! Daddy!" April and Rosa yelled as they ran up to their parents. "We missed you!"
           "We missed Ты too!" Rose сказал(-а) Поцелуи both of them as the sitter walked toward the door.
          "Thank Ты so much for babysitting, here's your pay." Rose сказал(-а) handing the sitter her money.
            "No problem, and they were angels, well, goodbye! And they've already had their lunch so they're good for bed!" she сказал(-а) as she walked out the door.
            "Did Ты get us anything daddy?" April asked.
            "Yes we did. Come into the living room and we'll give them to you." Jack сказал(-а) picking April up, carrying her into the living room. When they got into the living room, they handed the girls two stuff dolphins with "Santa Monica" written on them, the purple one with blue letters for Rosa and the розовый one with оранжевый letters was for April. "Do Ты like them?" Jack asked.
             "Yes!" the girls said.
           "That's great, and we have one еще surprise for both of you. Well, it's really for the whole family." Rose сказал(-а) holding Jacks hand.
            "What is it?" Rosa asked.
           "Jack, do Ты want to tell them?" Rose asked.
           "Sure. Girls, mommy's going to have another baby."
           "We're going to have a brother или sister?!" April yelled.
           "If everything goes good, yes, Ты will have a new baby brother или sister." Rose said.
            "Is there a baby bump?" Rosa asked walking toward Rose.
            "There's a small one, here." Rose сказал(-а) Показ the girls her small baby bump. 
             "What are Ты going to name it?" April asked.
             "Me and daddy are going to talk about that tonight. Now, it's time for Ты two to go to bed. Me and daddy are going to tuck Ты in now, come on!" 
         "Goodnight." Rose сказал(-а) as she shut April's door. They quietly walked down the hall so they wouldn't wake the girls. "So Jack." Rose сказал(-а) as she shut their bedroom door. "We need to think of a boy name and a girl name." she сказал(-а) as she put on her nightgown. "Do Ты want to chose? или both of us chose?"
           "Both." He сказал(-а) pulling back the covers on the bed.
           "Okay. Let's start with a girl name." Rose сказал(-а) getting in bed. "What names do Ты like?"
             "Well." Jack сказал(-а) as he got in bed. "I really like the name Lillian. или Lily for short."
              "Well, a lily is a flower, and a rose is a flower, so..." he сказал(-а) smiling.
               "But then if it's a girl, her name will be linked to mine, and then that will be two kids named after me!" Rose laughed. "But, it is a pretty name, so, alright. But I chose the boy name!" 
                 "Well, since Rosa is named after me, if it's a boy, and our first boy, his named should be linked to yours. So, I really like the name Jake and Jake sounds like Jack, so..."
                 "Okay. That seems fair. Goodnight." Jack сказал(-а) leaning in to Kiss her.
                    "Wait! Jack, if it's a boy, could his middle name be Thomas? After Mr. Andrews, he was a great guy, and I think it would be nice."
                     "Sure. That sounds nice. Now, it's time to go to sleep."  Jack сказал(-а) Поцелуи her. "I Любовь you."
                    "I Любовь Ты too."