One thing I learned about watching many TV series especially those that take romantic subplots is that opposites do attract. The OC's Seth Cohen and Summer Roberts prove to be an endearing couple as well as Lucas Scott and Brooke Davis from One дерево Hill. Such strong attraction between polar opposites is based on the overused scientific law, of course. The slow gravitation and the gradual development between Jackie and Steven were rewarding and intense all throughout. The element of surprise as a factor is also a bonus.

There's a funny feeling in my gut when I was watching season 2 of That 70's show. It's highly entertaining and every character has adorable quirks Ты get used to easily. I had my eyes on both Steven and Jackie and by then I knew that there's something that would go on between them that will leave the realms of "just part of the круг of friends." When Jackie broke up with Michael, (which was a hands-down decision to me because Jackie, like Summer, has a charm and wit that is being held back) I was eager that she did because it's about time she toughens up and I was squirming when she confided with Steven with a lot of things. Despite that Steven found her shallow and intolerable, he seemed to care a lot about her, much еще deeply that he didn't know himself at first. He helped her once with the prom night when he went out with her as an escort and when he helped her maintain her cool when facing Laurie. All of these circumstances, these simple, platonic gestures, were suspicious and Ты could tell that the writers of the Показать are up to something.

They say Ты never really know who you're going to fall in Любовь with and some of us have this Список about expectations, preferences and fantasies about the person we want. On that note, this is the primary reason why Jackie and Steven won my support and devotion. Jackie wanted somebody to treat her right and Steven just wants to feel like he is loved. Jackie likes to idealize things and Steven hides in his cynicsm. Both of them desire and want to push away Любовь and brilliantly enough, it found them at the right pace, at the most excellent time. And they had no way of knowing. They didn't lock eyes the first time and knew it's true love. They dislike each other first and then finally got to know each other better. And then there it was, all of sudden, but had been there during the times they have shared feelings and thoughts.

What happened between them just hit Ты although Ты noticed the clues for a while now. The fact that their worlds collided was like straight out of a fairy tale but still retains a realistic boundary that keeps Ты thrilled and on the edge of your seat. It was funny when Jackie blurted out that she loves Steven back in the ending of s2 and we see Steven was reluctant and pissed that she was forcing them together. But Kitty was right when she justified that maybe because Steven already hates everything that he missed out the possibility that he might already like Jackie. So they went out a date, kissed and claimed to feel nothing. I'm only in season 4 but we could tell as the story progressed that they were totally mistaken.

I think Jackie and Steven's chemistry even from the beginning is spectacular. The tension between them is familiarly sweet and I think most of us predicted that they will get together one of these seasons, right? The truth is I've always been a big supporter of 'opposites attract' especially when they have so much in common they never realize they have. One thing I like about this relationship is that Jackie is finally seen as еще than just a pretty girl and Steven, whose afraid to open up because he was abandoned by most people he cared about, finally learned to just relax and take a chance. It's gratifying and I plan to see this couple through. I don't plan to sound dramatic because That 70's Показать is a comedy sitcom but let me just say that the moments between these two tugged my сердце strings, made me kick my feet while giggling because they are one of those couples that, no matter how different their orientations in life are, met one point, their hearts being the same (Steven who wanted real companionship and Jackie who wanted somebody to respect and understand her) are what made them a couple, in my unblemished opinion, will endure. I rest my case and will be posting еще of them in the future :p