варенье, джем *SPOILERS for Cafe Disco* thoughts about announcement :]

kaat posted on May 05, 2009 at 07:51PM
okay i just had to bring up Pam's announcement in the promo for Cafe Disco: "We're getting married!" AHH!
Is anyone else freaking out? Do you think it's for real? or do you think something is going to happen so they don't?

thoughts, please :]

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Больше года dolphinsrock8D said…
I don't think they will get married, because there hasn't been much planning and I think they would want to have a traditional wedding.

But, we will just have to see won't we?
Больше года Shandiii said…
I don't think she is for real, but I want to know why she says it!
Больше года kaat said…
i think it's very possible that they could do their vows now and then have a wedding when they can actually afford it. they've been waiting for a suuuper long time and that way they can be officially married and then celebrate later. that's what my parents did :] annd that gives the writers time to plan a freeaking sweet jam wedding episode!