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chel1395 posted on May 18, 2009 at 12:03PM
I'm planning on redoing the banner so we have some Season Five moments in there. Obviously I'm planning on adding the scene from the finale where Jim and Pam find out they are becoming parents (*squee*). But I wanted to know what other moments from S5 you guys might want to see on there.

Also, if you have a particular moment from previous seasons you are just dying to see on there, let me know. I'm removing the text so there should be enough room for two scenes from each season.

I need suggestions and if there are enough, I'll make a pick to find out which ones should make the banner. Start brainstorming people!!!

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Больше года dolphinsrock8D said…
big smile
Diversity Day-head on shoulder
The Secret-elevator
Casino Night-kiss
Money-scene already on banner
Weight Loss-proposal
Stress Relief-hug
maybe a Cafe Disco scene
Больше года flower255 said…
The proposal image would be nice, i love it!
Больше года smoore23 said…
S1 - Diversity Day ~ Head on shoulder
S2 - The Secret ~ in the elevator
S3 - Gay Witch Hunt ~ Flashback kiss
S4 - Money ~ laying in bed
S5 - Weight Loss ~ proposal or post-proposal kiss
Больше года cckarocks7 said…
casino night kiss, proposal, anytimes when the pulled pranks on dwight, and, my favorite, when they found out pam is pregnant!