James Bond's Camaro
Bond got to Q's lab where he saw the Jaguar F type being fitted with gadgets.

"What do Ты have planned now?" Bond asked Q.

"While your new Jaguar is being fitted with gadgets, I have chosen another car for your assignment." Q responded.

"And that is?" Bond asked.

Q pulled a tarp off of another car revealing a brand new Camaro. "What do Ты think?"

"You couldn't have gotten me an Aston Martin?" Bond asked a little disappointed.

"I'd be еще then welcome to get Ты a Citroen." сказал(-а) Q.

This made Bond cross. He remembered having to drive a Citroen 2CV one time, and that was not a good time. "Proceed." he sighed.

Q did so, and started Показ him the back of the car. "If Ты notice, the brakelights can open to drop mines in front of your enemy. The license plate also changes, just like on your DB5."

Bond gained a little bit of interest, and asked "Do the headlights shoot stinger missiles?"

"Yes." Q said, "And the emblem at the front of your car is a tracking device. If your car gets stolen, Ты can use this phone to track it down." And with that, Q gave Bond a phone.

"Are there other devices on this thing?" Bond asked. He was talking about the phone.

Q nodded, "There is one for taking people's fingerprints, and one that deploys money."

"Are Ты serious?" Bond asked.

"Yes." Q replied. "But it's not really money. It's really a type of mine I created, that has been designed to look like money." Q got to the ap that deployed money from his phone, and started to demonstrate.

After putting a dime on the Стена at a безопасно, сейф distance, he grabbed a pistol, and shot it. Suddenly, an explosion occurred.

"I don't suppose you're going to give me a gun now." Bond exclaimed.

Just as soon as he сказал(-а) that, Q gave him a Walther PPK. The magazine inside the gun seemed like it didn't go in all the way. Noticing this, Bond pulled it out, and noticed it was an extended mag.

"You will recieve five extended mags. Each carry fifteen bullets." Q explained. "Now, good luck on your assignment, and do bring the equipment back in one piece. Especially the Camaro, because many agents have been willing to try it."
The back of James Bond's Camaro