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posted by sieluvzsoul
I woke up to the sound of a creaking door, and immediatley my eyes went to the closet. Suddely my husky jumped up onto my bed. "Damnit Kreepy. Ты scared me boy" I сказал(-а) ruffiling his fur. "Aint that sweet" a male voice said, and i know it wasnt Jakob.So i stood, "who сказал(-а) that?" I сказал(-а) looking around, "me" he сказал(-а) again, "who-who are you" I asked, "my name is Jeff" he said. "Je-Jeff, where are you" I said, "cold" Jeff сказал(-а) as I walked towards the bedroom door. "Freezing cold" Jeff сказал(-а) as i turn towards the closet. "Warm" Jeff сказал(-а) as i walk towards it.

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