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posted by jonash12341
It doesnt make sense anymore,
There isnt any reason to live,
Everything that has ever mattered has fallen apart
And nothing will turn into everything I will ever have.


I carefully peeped inside, scanning the room for a boy dressed in black skinny jeans, a white t- рубашка and a red vest. He was sitting cross-legged in a corner with his back toward me and was fiddling with something shiny in his hands.
"You cant just keep running from your problems" I сказал(-а) and he glanced over his shoulder and turned back.
"You dont know what its like to take away someones life especially your brother" his normal sweet voice icy cold.
I had hoped he would come here , our 9th grade дерево house ( his dad had helped him build it and it became a hanging out place for not only Joe или me but for his brothers.), because this was the place in the past ,he would normally come to when he was angry, depressed или сердце broken( like a week назад when he had ran away after his confession of being in Любовь with me).
why would he come here? I thought in my mind.
This place was full of memories and after running out of the church when seeing his younger brother, I thought he would go somewhere that didnt have so many reminders especially of that night; since this was where it happened.
"It was an accident," I сказал(-а) going over and sitting Далее to him.
When I had done this he moved himself away from me so there was a good distance between us.
"Joe?" I asked reaching out and turning his face so that our eyes locked.
'I'm not ready to lose you"
He sighed looking down then back up.
"Me neither"

Part 5 cont'd

"So why are Ты pushing me away?" I asked reaching out with my other hand and lacing my fingers with his.
For a moment he looked confused but then his facial expression changed and he unlaced our fingers and forcefully pushed my hands away. He got to his feet with rage and walked away from me to the window.

'I'm not the one trying to do that "he said.
I thought by his reaction his voice would have come out cruel или fierce but instead it was low and hard to tell his mood. I got up and stood behind him.
'Yes Ты are Joe. Cant Ты see that youre doing it right now? No one else but you!"
"It's not me !" he replied anger growing in his voice as he turned around to face me, "If Ты weren't so blind , then maybe Ты would figure it out for yourself"
"I am not blind!"
"Yes Ты are, face it. Ты couldn't even figure out that after nine years I was in Любовь with you! Never the less figure out that your stupid jackass of a husband is the one that's tearing us apart!" he shouted tears swelling up in his eyes.
"He is-" I сказал(-а) before choosing to close my mouth to hold back whatever I was going to say.
Truth was all the memories of Sterling and I played back.
"Why are Ты hanging out with that loser?" sterling сказал(-а) taking the сиденье, место, сиденья beside me before Joe got a chance.
"He's not a loser," I сказал(-а) as I watched Joe head to find a different сиденье, место, сиденья in the Science room.
"I mean come on, hes got a big head, dorky glasses, horrible fashion sense and so on. What do Ты see in him?"
"Something Ты don't"

"I told Ты already I don't want that thing at our wedding!" he сказал(-а) shouting at me.
"And I told Ты already, hes my best friend and I want him there!"
"Hes going to ruin it and Ты already know how I feel about him"
"I don't care, hes coming and that's it"

"Where are Ты going?" he asked blocking the exit of the door.
"To Joe's, our anniversary of becoming Друзья is today. So we are going out tonight to celebrate"
"What's so great about meeting that freak anyway?"
"Sterling that freak has been there for me when Ты couldn't"
"I get it now," he сказал(-а) clinching his teeth together, " You're cheating on me with that son of a b**** aren't you? "
He began walking to me with in his eyes something I had never seen in them; fury.

I squeezed my eyes closed as I remembered what happened after that. To be truthful, that wasn't the first time he beat me but it was the most severe. And it was actually the same night that Joe had tried to rescue me.

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"I know that Ты know what I am Demi," a mysterious said.He mumbled something under his breath.I suddenly knew that it was Joe."I don't know what your talking about," I сказал(-а) knowing that he probably knew that I was lieing."I know that your lieing.Tell the truth and I won't hurt you,"he сказал(-а) Показ his amazing fangs that glew a pretty white in the dark.I was hypnotized by his beautiful fangs.I ouickly snapped out of the phase."Fine..OK!!I know your stupid secert,"I yelled at him fiercly.He looked at me suprised that I actually yelled at someone."Well,what am I," he asked with a little smirk...
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Being my curios self I followed the mysterious shadow.I followed the shadow to a shed.The shadow went inside.I slowly peeked inside the shed to see Joe sucking a girl's neck.When he pulled away I saw a stream of blood down the side of his mouth.I looked at the girl to that she was alive,but she was unconsisnce.I gased ver silently and ran back to the house.As soon as I reached the house I went to my room.When I got to my room I thought about what had happened.I only had one thought on what this family:


I woke up to Mrs.Jonas saying"Demi it's time for breakfast."I...
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"I'm Joe Jonas," the boy сказал(-а) in a very rude voice."Okay,Demi since Ты know the kids alittle better why don't Ты let Joseph take Ты to your room,"Mrs. Jonas said."Okay," I replyed because I didn't want to get on her bad side already by saying that I didn't want to let Joe Показать me to my room."Joseph, like I сказал(-а) Показать Demi to her room," she said.The boy whose name was Joe motioned for me to follow him.We went into a red and black decorated room.All of the sudden Mrs.Jonas and her kids popped into the room."Your mom told your Избранное Цвета were red and black.I hope yoy like it," she said."It's...
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