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Put your head against my life,
What do Ты hear?
A million words just trying to make the Любовь song of the year
Close your eyes, but don't forget,
What Ты have heard
A man who's trying to say three words,
Words that make Ты scared.


A million Любовь songs later,
And here I am trying to tell Ты that I can
A million Любовь songs later, and here I am, here I am
A million Любовь songs later, and here I am.

Look into the future now,
this is what I see,
A million chances pass me by
A million chances to hold you
Take me back, take me back,
To where I used to be
Hide away from all my truths
Through the light I see.


A million Любовь songs later,
And here I am trying to tell Ты that I can
A million Любовь songs later, and here I am,
Just for jou girl
A million Любовь songs later, here I am.

Feel for Ты babe, feel for Ты baby
Close your eyes, make a wish
And blow out the candlelight
For tonight is just your night
We're gonna celebrate, all thru the night
Pour the wine, light the fire
Girl your wish is my command
I Отправить to your demands
I'll do anything, girl Ты need only ask

I'll make Любовь to you
Like Ты want me to
And I'll hold Ты tight
Baby all through the night
I'll make Любовь to you
When Ты want me to
And I will not let go
Till Ты tell me to

Girl relax, let's go slow
I ain't got nowhere to go
I'm just gonna concentrate on you
Girl are Ты ready, it's gonna be a long night
Throw your clothes on the floor
I'm gonna take my clothes off too
I made plans to be with you
Girl whatever Ты ask me Ты know I'll do


Baby tonight is your night
And I will do Ты right
Just make a wish on your night
Anything that Ты ask
I will give Ты the Любовь of your life

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All police leave was cancelled today in Dubai as UK band JLS jetted in for a brief holiday. Every cop has been put on 24 час stand-by and compulsory overtime has been introduced for the first time ever. As aeroplane-loads of crazed female Фаны converged on the holiday paradise it immediately appears that a major incident is inevitable.

Alcohol is banned in Dubai. So any thoughts of drinking wine in the open - either by the pool - или beside the glistening ocean will have to be forgotten. It is a land of strict Muslim rule.

But the real problem is SEX.

Public displays of sex are completely forbidden....
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Aston Merrygold has revealed that his JLS bandmates have started calling him "Skinny Bum".

The 22-year-old singer сказал(-а) that he picked up the nickname after his fellow group members saw him naked after a concert.

Merrygold told the Daily Star: "We normally jump straight into the showers after a show. I jumped out naked and was waving my bum at the lads, messing about.

"They've nicknamed me 'Skinny Bum' ever since. They won't stop calling me it."

He added: "We call Oritse 'Hancock' because of his superhero-sized willy, Marvin 'Incredible Hulk' because of his big muscles and JB 'Bananaman' because [his group colour is] yellow."
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