How do we choose the people to whom we are attracted? Do we even get a choice? I'm only discussing fictional men here. I was talking with a friend the other night-we've known each other for over 17 years (ouch!). We were talking about TV shows and got on the subject of Moonlight and the character Mick St. John and how absolutely gorgeous he is. After agreeing that he could leave crumbs in my постель, кровати at any time I said, "but Ты know the funny thing..."and before I could continue, she said, "you like the other guy." Yup, as hot as Mick is, and aesthetically еще pleasing to my eye, I would choose Josef. The same thing in Wiseguy. No doubt that Vinnie was the hottie-but I fell for Roger Lococco. I watched Highlander not for the highlander-but for Methos. Now, Roger, Josef, and certainly Methos, are no slouches in the looks department, but that's not what compels me about them. I guess it's their attitude, a slight air of mystery, sardonic humor. Josef сказал(-а) to Mick, "I know Ты have morals and scruples and that's fine...sort of". Vinnie described Roger as, "a half dead soulless killer who sleeps with his eyes open". But this soulless killer also had a fine wit. I guess I also go for older men-Josef is over 400 and Methos a few thousand! (He is the oldest living immortal!) They sure look good for their age! So in the end, for me it's definitely personality...and a sort of odd one at that!