In the секунда season Josef was suspose to fall in Любовь with a girl called Lana. Lana was described by the creator of moonlight that she has long gorgeous brown hair with a slim figure and a strange accent. Lana was also characterised by the creator of not remembering who she was или how she was changed. Lana went looking for other Вампиры just so that she wasn't alone in her new frightnening world. Mick found Lana draining a deer then killing it before it became a vampire itself. Mick took Lana back to his apartment and introduced her to Beth. Josef barged through the door thinking there was danger in Mick's apartment. Lana was in a protective диван, мягкий уголок with fangs ready for the lunge. But after Josef saw her it was Любовь at first sight.
7 months had past and Josef began finding out what Lana can do. When he stumbled apon something that made him worried. Josef found out that Lana can have children. Josef stayed as far away from her as possible thinking that it would help her instead of pulling her apart. Lana and Josef then got intimate and Lana got pregnant while another vampire was trying to kill her. And here are the people they wanted to play lana.
First was Amanda Seyfried they thought she could play her
секунда was Megan лиса, фокс for the beauty
3rd was miranda Kerr for the beauty, the talent, the feircness, the Любовь & the accent
And in 4th place we have Emma Stone
And fifthly is Nina Dobrev