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Hello~! 8D
I luffle Junjou Romantica and decided to write a, umm, third fanfiction.. ^^' After I post this little WIP, I may post my other two. :3

This fanfiction contains:
~Misaki/Usagi lurve. C: <3
~A stubborn Misaki. xD
~Injuries and blood. (Not gore. >w>')
~Some OOC-ness.. (Gomenasai. ^^;)
~Possibly sex. Possibly. -w-

This fanfic is in Misaki's POV.
Enjoy. <3


I stared into my lover's soft, lavender eyes. I could see tints of фиолетовый lust within them as they stared back into mine. I felt my cheeks heat up and the weight of Usagi-san's body ontop of mine. His warm...
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"Why why why! That's my professor u a**hole!"Misaki yelled in anger at his lover. Akihiko sighed. "Calm down brat. Hiroki here is my old friend from when we were kids." Akihiko pointed out calmly as the professor got up. Misaki gasped and looked at both of them and shrieked.

No way! Usagi-san and Professor Kamijou are old friends! Wait Hiroki? So that's his first name?

"Uh Takahashi, is this your cousin?"Hiroki questioned confused as he sees his first love.

"Huh?"Akihiko says confused as well. "Cousin. Of course not Misaki and I are.."Misaki interrupts him

"Ah! Actually no he's my brother's...
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posted by reyfan01
Its been a good год for me so far. My name is Misaki Takahashi. I'm a 19 год old college student living under the roof of the condo of my brother's close friend, Usami Akihiko, или as i call him Usagi-san. Not only is he my landlord, but somewhere along the line, I became his lover. At first I was annoyed and harrassed by his advances. But later on, I realized I enjoyed....it...kinda. I mean that's not the only thing I like about him. I mean he's gentle and kind toward me even though he can be overbearing. I have also come to accept that I also Любовь him. And I find it easier to admit it. To...
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 Junjou 43vA 3v3n wh3N I dY3!!
Junjou 43vA 3v3n wh3N I dY3!!
This is an Статья on the deciding of your Избранное Junjou Romantica couple. It's just pointless ramblings about what I think. Ты don't have to read it. It's actually really boring. But for those who do. Enjoy. или not.

Most people are for Romanticist. Of course. It's cute. Many are for Egoist. Definately. They're great. Others are for Terrorist. Without a doubt. They're awesome. I'm not saying it's bad to decide who is better, who is hotter, who has the sexiest boyfriend. I just want to know where your opinion stands.

Romanticist: Most vividly shown couple and has most of the screen time and...
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