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We all know Justin bieber been working really hard to make us beliebers happy and not once has Justin ever complanied , but it's time that we give back to Justin . Justin needs to win a award tomorrow at the vma's we need to Показать everyone that ever doubted him and Показать them Justin is worth every penny and that we care. And all we have to do is vite for justin now he's up with some pretty other people that worked hard . like селезень, дрейк , emminem , Niki maniji and many еще . But we have to spread the word about justin tell your Друзья , family , BFF's , boyfriends , girlfriends anything that will make JB win .Justin always taught to NEVER SAY NEVER !! so never say that Justin cant win . because we all know he can . Justin was born a legland . C'mon do it for the biez .
Have Ты ever wondered what it would be like to work alongside Justin Bieber? Of course Ты have! Well US star, Sean Kingston, who has just released a single with the 16-year-old heartthrob, has revealed all… The pair have recorded a song called Eenie Meenie together, and Kingston explained to reporters how the collaboration came about in the first place… "Me and Justin have been friend for the past two years. So one день he was like 'yo' and сказал(-а) he wanted to do a record with me. I was like 'let's do it, I'm ready!' and he came down over the Superbowl weekend and slept over at my house....
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OMG GUYS! An inmate whos in jail for murder and rape wanted to murder Justin Bieber, but he found out about it and stopped them because he's smarter then a criminal.
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Justin Bieber's “Boyfriend” Музыка video was highly anticipated, and got millions of Просмотры in just the first 24 hours it was online.

Justin landed a record for the most number of Просмотры in an hour, but now One Direction has broken it!

The Музыка video for their latest single “Live While We're Young” got nearly 4 million views in 24 hours! The video actually came out earlier than it was supposed to.

One Direction are officially the kings of VEVO...for now, at least :D
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The Hills звезда Heidi Montag has publicly 'made a move' on 16-year old Justin Bieber. The Somebody To Любовь singer may have confessed he has a thing for older women, but Montag may have taken the pint-sized star's claims a bit too far after suggesting they 'get together' on Twitter. Montag, who трещина, сплит with her co-star Spencer Pratt a few weeks назад tweeted: "@justinbieber Now that I am getting divorced, I really think Ты and I should do a фото shoot together! Cutie ;)! I'm closer to your age."
However, Heidi has since blamed her estranged hubby Spencer for the tweet, claiming: "I didn't write...
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Young Money..
Nicki Minaj

Show Ты off
Tonight I wanna Показать Ты off (aye,aye,aye)
What Ты got
A billion could've never bought (aye,aye,aye)

We gonna party like it's 3012 tonight
I wanna Показать Ты all the finer things in life
So just forget about the world, we're young tonight
I'm coming for ya, I'm coming for ya

Cause all..
I need, is a Beauty and a Beat
Who can make my life complete
It's all..
Bout you, when the Музыка makes Ты move
Baby do it like Ты do

[Beat break]

Body rock,
Girl, I can feel your body rock (aye,aye,aye)
Take a bow, Ты on the hottest ticket now (aye,aye,aye)

We gonna...
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If I was your boyfriend, I'd never let Ты go
I can take Ты places Ты ain't never been before
Baby take a chance или you'll never ever ever know
I got money in my hands that I'd really like to blow
Swag swag swag, on Ты
Chillin by the огонь while we eatin' fondue
I dunno about me but I know about Ты
So say hello to falsetto in three two swag


I'd like to be everything Ты want
Hey girl, let me talk to Ты


If I was your boyfriend, never let Ты go
Keep Ты on my arm girl, you'd never be alone
I can be a gentleman, anything Ты want
If I was your boyfriend, I'd never let Ты go,...
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