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posted by shafiqua
Come here
I don't know what happened

[Verse 1:]
Where did they go?
Nights like this don't happen anymore
I need to know
Is it me, and did I lose control?

Lonely overseas
Lonely memories
Wish I had the key to your heart
People come and go
Baby, they don't know
What we had before
But it fell before our eyes

Roller coaster, roller coaster
Spinning all around and around for a while baby
Roller coaster, roller coaster
For a минута we were up, but the Далее we were falling down

[Verse 2:]
It's been difficult
I'm just happy there's no fights no more
But it's nights like this that I never ever...
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posted by shafiqua
No I didn't think Ты would let me down that easy
Oh no girl
And I didn't think it was over until Ты walked away
Like it was nothing, baby

And that moment was so hard for me to breathe, yeah
Cause Ты took away the biggest part of me, yeah
Life is so unpredictable, yeah
Never thought a Любовь like yours would leave me all alone oh no

Didn't waste any time
Like Ты had already made up your mind
No sympathy
Cause I was out of line, oh yeah

But I didn't think Ты would let me down that easy
Oh no girl
And I didn't think it was over until Ты walked away
Like it was nothing girl

It was a bad day!
Эй, Эй, hey...
I know I was wrong
But Ты could've сказал(-а) goodbye baby
It was a bad day
Now I'm like whoa

It was a bad day
It was a bad day
It was a bad day
posted by shafiqua
Girl, I'm ready, if you're ready, now
Ooh, is it ever gonna be?
If you're with it, then I'm with it, now
To accept all the responsibility
I'd go out of my way
To live by the words that Ты say
I don't wanna be the same ooh whoa
Maybe Ты could change me
Maybe Ты could change me ooh whoa
Maybe Ты could be the light
That opens up my eyes
Make all my wrongs right
Change me, change me
change me oh yeah
Don't fight огонь with fire
If I'm screaming, talk quieter
Understanding and patience
Feel the pain that I'm facing
Be like Serenity
Help me position my mind
Take a chance, make a difference in my life
Maybe Ты could change me (oh)
Maybe Ты could change me
(Maybe Ты could change me ooh hoo)
Maybe Ты could be the light (you could be the light)
That opens up my eyes (opens up my eyes)
Make all my wrongs right
Change me, change me
change me oh yeah
Girl, I'm ready, if you're ready, now
Ooh, is it ever gonna be?
If you're with it, then I'm with it, now
posted by shafiqua
[Verse 1:]
It's another, if it ain't one thing
Instigators, like puttin' огонь on propane
The wrong thing, they be worried 'bout
Ooh, Ты know females
And how they like to run their mouths

Wanna be, wanna be, just like, talk like, you
(Like you) Ты (like you)
Misery, misery, loves company
Don't let 'em change your mood (don't let 'em change your mood)

They try to get at me (They try to get at me)
Behind your back (your back, your back, your back)
Try'na tell me that I'm just like the others
But I ain't all bad

No, no, I ain't all bad
All bad, all bad
I ain't all bad
All bad, all bad

I might make you...
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posted by shafiqua
Любовь you, need you
I need Ты here to stay

Girl you're on my mind like 24/7
Every single time that I'm not with Ты (woop woop woop)
If Ты spend the night, baby it could be heaven
Hit me on my line if you're tryna come through

I feel my heartbeat bumpin' to the бас, бас-гитара (boom, boom, boom, boom)
She give me Бабочки and they won't go away (away away)
Under the stars, she took my hand and said,
"Love you, need you, need Ты here to stay."

I'd like to give Ты what Ты need
I try but you're makin' it hard for me
How do I make Ты believe?
Cause I Любовь you, need you, need Ты here to stay

I'd like to give you...
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posted by shafiqua
Ты worked two jobs
To keep a roof up over our heads
You chose life for me
No Ты never gave up
I admire Ты for the strength Ты instilled in me

You were so young
You were just my age when Ты had me
Mom, Ты were so brave
There was nothing that would stop или get in our way
And I know Ты will always be there for me

So when you’re Остаться в живых and you’re tired
When you’re broken in two
Let my Любовь take Ты higher
Cause I still turn to Ты
I still turn to you
I still turn to you

It was ’94
The год that everything started to change
From before, Ты had to be a woman
You were forced to change your ways
To change...
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Justin Bieber continues his reign on the pop charts. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, "Believe Acoustic" will take the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 200 Далее week. That makes five chart-toppers for the 18-year-old singer.

The actual figures will be out Wednesday, but Billboard expects the album to Переместить 100,000 units.

"Believe Acoustic" is a follow-up to 2012's "Believe," which saw Bieber transition from a purely teen sensibility to a еще adult songwriter and performer (signaled in part by the album's guest features: Drake, Big Sean, Ludacris and Nicki Minaj).
The acoustic album doesn't...
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posted by _PRETTYQUEEN1E
Ты all probably heard about Justin doing pot! Ты may или may not think, "oh my gosh, and to think-- I Любовь him!" I'm not a big belieber, but I Любовь his hits. I am updated always on teen and child news! Its my thing, I'm a big talker.
Well while Justin has done... Ты know… what we cant? His Фаны were so depressed about it- they all decided to cut themselves over and over and take pictures to send to Justin!
Justin is always on tour, and hardly checks his emails and Фан pages. Miley Cyrus soon found out what Фаны were up to every day, and she then tweeted, "Justin doesn't even know the situation,...
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 Believe Cover!
Believe Cover!
As long as Ты Любовь me [x3]

[Verse 1]
I'm under pressure,
seven billion people in the world trying to fit in
Keep it together,
smile on your face even though your сердце is frowning
But Эй, now, Ты know girl,
We both know it's a cruel world
But I will take my chances

As long as Ты Любовь me
We could be starving, we could be homeless, we could be broke
As long as Ты Любовь me
I'll be your platinum, I'll be your silver, I'll be your gold
As long as Ты love, Любовь me, Любовь me
As long as Ты love, Любовь me, Любовь me

[Verse 2]
I'll be your soldier, fighting every секунда of the день for the change girl
You can...
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posted by nae1234
one день on the пляж, пляжный jb saw a beautiful girl one the пляж, пляжный an he instantly fell inn luv with her
jb:are u from tennasee because your the only ten i see will u marry me
sanae:if i fell from heaven on a scale to 1 to im an eleven so what the Эй, yay yea so they endded riding off into the sunset
so.............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................we can have kids and an travel and grow old together
 luv u
luv u
 luv me
luv me
 jb is so me
jb is so me
With a strong push from his fans,Justin Bieber reaches 10 million followers on the social networking site Twitter. This is a great feat achieved by the young pop start, despite being much younger and less experienced than his rivals on twitter. Amongst the вверх twitter stars are some of the biggest names in the industry such as Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian and Oprah.

This also proves the might and influence pop stars have over the world when famous world leaders such as Barack Obama have well under 10 Million followers.

Although, the 17 год old pop singer has a huge following but Beliebers,as Bieber...
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iv been colecting info about ♥justin bieber♥ and so far i learned hes 15 and 5'4 his fav color is purpule he has a brother and sister a dog named sam his dads name is jeremy bieber he has no Facebook he starts his день my brushing his teeth in the душ his fav Youtube video is scarleete takes a tumble he has an iphone his parents devoresed wen he was 2 his first kisswas wen he was 13 he live in atlantic gorgia he was born in china his fav sports r basket ball and hokey his middle name is drew his Избранное song on his cd is one time well thats like all i now about him well not all buut bye
Эй, justin is amazing i wish he was mine to hold LOL he is so cute and i Любовь asll his songs like bby,one less lonley girl he is aawesom guy and he loves all his fasns he cares most popstars dont care they just like the girls and the fame well not him he is the best guy anyone could ever meet i read a mag about him and it was like he is a great guy but he needs to maske one less lonley girl cu he dont have a girl i was like how doe he not have a Любовь yet their was like him with taylor быстрый, стремительный, свифт sleana gomes and someone ekes i forgot he is just a great guy with a huge сердце asnd he cares hopefuly he has a great life and never gives up on his dream asnd girls if Ты go to his концерт good luck LOL Ты will proply know what i mean
Wait for a minute
Can wait for a minute?
Yeah, wait for a minute
Wait for a minute
Girl, just a minute

Well, if Ты walk with me
Well, if Ты take my hand babe
We can go to a place Ты ain't never seen before

Slow dance in the moonlight
I'm just tryna set the mood right
I'm just doing what a dude do
Do it over and over and over

Quickly wanna run with me now
Swiftly just come with me now
Foot steps go to the beat now
Over and over and over

It's just the way, that way, that way, that Ты do me babe
All, I can say, that say, that say, that I'd behave
But I'd be lying babe

Just wanna wait for a минута (wait for...
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posted by shafiqua
It feels like we've been out at sea, oh
So back and forth that's how it seems, whoa
And when I wanna talk, Ты say to me
That if it's meant to be, it will be, whoa, whoa
So crazy is this thing we call love
And now that we've got it we just can't give up
I'm reaching out for you
Got me out here in the water and I
I'm overboard and I need your love, pull me up
I can't swim on my own, it's too much
Feels like I'm drowning without your love
So throw yourself out to me, my lifesaver
Lifesaver, oh, lifesaver
My lifesaver
Lifesaver, oh, lifesaver
Whoa, whoa
I never understood Ты when you'd said, whoa
You wanted me...
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Me:*Goes back to my chair and sleeps a little*
Justin:*Goes to me* Excuse me but I think Ты dropped this *gives me my sunglasses*
Me:OMG!!!!!!!Are Ты really??!!...............
Justin:Yes I am lol.
Me:Thanks for my sunglasses.By the way I don't mean to bother Ты but can I have your autograph???!!
Me:Thanks sooo much!!!!! :)
Justin-You're welcome.
*3 минуты later*
Me:*Goes swimming in the water*
Justin:*Swims Далее to me* Hi again. :)
Me:Hi Justin!!
Justin:So I was wondering if Ты would like to hang out with me for a while.
Me:Yes!!! :D
Justin:Lol ok then.
The End.
posted by jdbfanforever
alright listen up please so my brother сказал(-а) he saw that jelena broke up and i saw two tiger beats one was fighting to keep their Любовь and the other сказал(-а) are jelena gonna break up i dont know what will happen или whats goin on all i know is they are broken up или they are fighting to keep their Любовь together i mean all of their Фаны Любовь them and Любовь them together and are they done или are they gonna last i'm curious to know i will try to saty on track and keep yall updated

thx for Чтение Входящие me with any qoestions
posted by BrittanyBieber3
I was goin to Justin's концерт for my 18th b-day(Justin was 19 when i was 18 in my dream but in real life I will b 15 when he's 19). I had a front row seat. He jumped off the stage and was running in front of the first row and touching people's hands. He touched mine and stopped. He looked rite into my eyes and came closer to me and slipped a backstage pass to me and whispered in my ear,"I want to talk to u in private after the concert." All I could do was stare at him. He went on with his concert, casting sideways glances at me every once in a while. After the концерт I went backstage. I saw...
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- Eppie & Justin Bieber

If you were my boyfriend I'd never let you go...
We can go to places we ain't never been before...
Let's take a chance cuz we'll never be broke ...
I've got words in my heart I'mma say'em in the snow...
SWAG. SWAG. SWAG. Me and you...
Will be kissin' by the fire while the people go ...
I'mma make you love me , and you know I love you...
The world's ideal lovers'll be me n' you...   

"I like JB... He's everything I want...
Haters... Go to freakin' he'll..."
If you were my BOYFRIEND...
I'd never let you...
I'd hug you all...
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posted by sugarsweet076
the whole день Monday Ты couldn't stay awake. Jake was laughing which woke Ты up a couple of times but other then that Ты fell asleep. Jake never noticed do to the fact he never bothered to check.

After Jake had left that night Ты couldn't sleep. Ты were going to hang with Justin tomorrow. Ты close our eyes then fall fast a sleep. In the morning Ты jumped out of the постель, кровати and got dressed. of course Ты were not going to call him now it was 9 in the morning.You started making breakfast for your mother when she had woke up as Ты just started,

"Good morning mom" Ты say with a smile

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