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Okay! I HATE Justin Bieber, but I'm still highly offended by what he сказал(-а) about his fans!

So, we all know he has done some horrible things with his huge ego but, seriously! Why does he say THIS about his fans?!?

This morning, on Saturday, October 11 2014, he was in an interview, on the morning show, "Rise And Shine!". Corey Anderson, the interviewer, asked him many different questions, and the worst part of this interview was, he was being completely honest during the entire show! Everything was fine until one specific Вопрос was asked...

"So, Justin, your Фаны have brought Ты this career,...
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posted by selenagomezfan7
Born To Be Somebody lyrics

There's a dream in my soul,
a огонь that's deep inside me.
There's a me no one knows
waiting to be set free.

I'm gonna see that day;
I can feel it,
I can taste it.
Change is coming my way.

I was born to be somebody.
Ain't nothing that's ever gonna stop me.
I'll light up the sky like lighting,
I'm gonna rise above,
show 'em what I'm made of,
I was born to be somebody,
I was born to be,
and this world will belong to me.

This life can kick Ты around,
this world can make Ты feel small.
They will not keep my down.
I was born to stand tall.

I'm goin' all the way.
I can feel...
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A Nassau County court appearance has been postponed for Justin Bieber’s representatives, who were accused of failing to follow police orders to alert Фаны that the teen pop idol’s Roosevelt Field Mall appearance was canceled last year.

Justin Bieber arrives at the MTV Video Музыка Awards on Sunday, Sept. 12, 2010 in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello)
Bieber’s 29-year-old manager, Scott “Scooter” Braun, and record label Island Def варенье, джем vice president, James Roppo, 45, were originally scheduled to appear 2:15 p.m. Tuesday, but the conference will instead be rescheduled for a later date....
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This is the story from me, read this !! and imagine it is you, reflect and absorb the story. dream with our idol, Justin Bieber.

You recently moved to Canada, for treatment of cirrhosis disease you, and father who moved assign Ты get there, Ты are a beliebers, and so far only Justin Bieber songs that make Ты strong. You're alone at home, your parents already left for work, while Ты come Главная schooling program, eventually Ты go into the garden to relieve your boredom, in the journey Ты collided with the boy, who walked down and wear a hat.
"Hey .. be careful "you say annoyed
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Justin Bieber's camp have selected Teen Island's newest star, the 15-year-old Jessica Jarrell, to support Bieber's first headlining North American tour this summer. Mercury Records/Teen Island says Jessica Jarrell;s brand new single "Up and Running" featuring Travie McCoy (Gym Class Heroes) hits pop and rhythm radio formats across the country on June 21st. The video for the single, produced by hit making duo, The Runners, will be shot in Los Angeles on June 21st, as her single is impacting at radio. News of the summer release of Jessica's debut album on Mercury Records will be announced in the months ahead. Jessica's Mercury career started at the вверх of the charts with, "Armageddon," a вверх 5 Billboard dance hit. Elsewhere, Jessica can be heard on "Overboard," a duet with Justin Bieber, co-written and co-produced by Midi Mafia, on Justin's #1 album MY WORLD 2.0. Fitting her upbeat, feel-good vibe.
posted by hillarybieber
Justin Bieber. Wow That Word Was So Little Whene On YouTube.You Only Herd It Whene His Video's Made The Front Screen. Whene Ашер Found Him, And Wanted To Make Him Famouse. This Is Where His Career Got A Jump Start. Justin Bieber Was Just Like Anyone Else Trying To Get Into The Музыка Indestrie. Just Making Video's Of Him On YouTube. Know Look Where He Is. Just Let Out His First! Album. With A Tun Of Song's.What An Inspiration <3. It's Funny To Look At Him. And Mostly Think, That Could Be You. Ты In The Postion Justin's In... Seriosuly An Amazing Kid

No Hater's .
I Really Enjoy Justin's Music
Deffinitly An Inspirtaion :)
Ты Amaze Me!
posted by Jumazing
 When he smiles, I smile, but he must not be smiling right now
When he smiles, I smile, but he must not be smiling right now
What I want to know is what do I do?
A guy I've had a crush on for forever can't stop saying "Justin Beeeemmmmeerrr is a gaaay loooseeer!" Well, THAT crush is over. But now еще closely to me, a girl older than me who i look up to like a big sister laughed at it and сказал(-а) "Yeah, Justin Bieber IS a loser."
That pierces like a dagger through my heart. Who knew it hurt this much? I wonder how HE feels. Because I feel like melting down in tears.
I don't know what this is: Obsession, a crush, или infatuation.
But whatever it is has linked me to him and it hurts.
I won't ever look at either of them the...
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posted by maritina12345
Justin was in a car crash!

But don't worry! Although Justin Bieber was involved in a car accident he was thankfully not hurt. He was in in a fender bender with another vehicle in the San Fernando Valley 2 days ago.

“No one was injured and there was no damage to either vehicle,” the LAPD told the Los Angeles Times. They stated that a Honda Civic collided with Bieber’s black Ferrari.

We're not sure if Justin was driving или not, but what is clear is that Justin is not the owner of the sports car.....
posted by despoinaki13p
In the beggining i hadn't notice Justin ,I actually thought that he was just a young boy who has got a good voice... But I was wrong1 J.B has a great voice and really goog looking! All his girlfriends must be very happy! :( <3
When I listened ''Baby'' for the first time, i loved his voice! <3... Now, I can't forgothim and I listen to his Музыка all time! What else can I do? I also Любовь his Видео on www.funny или die.com
HE IS GORGEOUS!! HE IS SO CUTE!! :) :) :) <3
My dream is to meet Justin face to face , hang him, ''kiss'' him ,ask him for an autograph and take a фото together!!!!!!!!!!!! O.M.G.!!!!!
It would be great!I HOPE HE'LL DO A концерт IN GREECE SO I CAN GO TO! I also want to see his movie ''Never Say Never'' if it comes in Greece.
Любовь HIM SO MUCHHHH!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3


***my email address is: despoinaki13p@yahoo.com
and plz follow me on twitter :glamagelikoula
posted by BrittanyBieber7
Selena: Эй, baby how was your concert? Justin: it was fine I have some bad news for Ты Selena: what is it? Justin: your ruining my life I'm dumping you! Selena: WHAT! Justin: YEP! IT'S OVER Selena: why? Justin: I'm losing Фаны because I'm dating Ты and when were in public people think your my aunt. So that's the день Justin dumped Selena and met... Justin heads for the door, BANG! Brittany: Ouch (door hits Brittany in the head when Justin opens it)Justin:OMG are Ты okay? Brittany: Yeah (She looks at Justin) Justin: I am so sorr...(Justin pauses and blazes into her blue eyes and loses himself) Brittany: hello!? Justin: OH i'm sorry I just got Остаться в живых in Ты beautiful eyes. Brittany thank Ты (she looks up at him and smiles.) Justin: let me help Ты up (he lifts her off the ground. Brittany: so what are Ты doing out here? she asks him with curiosity. Justin: well apparently falling in Любовь with you...
posted by ShiningsTar542
Justin recently thanked all his Фаны for making his book, First Step 2 Forever, a New York Times Best Seller!

But what is in this hot biography on the 16 год old звезда that has made it such a huge success? Here are some excerpts from the book, in case Ты do not have it yet:

On celebrity: "Until three years ago, that was my definition of a celebrity: somebody who gets to ride around in a Zamboni."

On his tour: "It takes eight buses and a whole fleet of eighteen-wheelers to Переместить all the people and equipment. WOW!"

On dairy products: "Singers aren't supposed to have dairy before a show, but we all...
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posted by keninv
It isn’t everyday that a Музыка super звезда graces our televisions sets in a serious Актёрское искусство role. Yes, 15-year-old (that’s what his myspace page says), Canadian-born, baby-faced, sensation Justin Bieber has new, and not so small role on hit CBS series, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. EW.com informed the masses that, just like Taylor быстрый, стремительный, свифт before him, the singer would appear on the Las Vegas drama, portraying Jason McCann, “a troubled teen who is faced with a tough decision involving his only brother.” In fact his first appearance will initiate a story arc that will continue to develop...
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The Justin Bieber Фан club officially invited Bieber Фаны to get involved with the site and get entered to receive free 'Meet and Greet' tickets on Thursday with a new part of their club. Let's face it, who would turn away a moment to meet the entertainer if they are going to be at the 'My World' концерт anyway? Nobody! According to the Bieber Fever Фан site it only takes a минута and you'd be missing a golden opportunity if Ты didn't as every city will have free passes and all Фаны need to do is follow the directions at the club site to enter. Here's how it works:
Want to know how can you...
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The 16-year-old has hordes of young female fans, but his fame means he has also been criticised by some who dislike his music. They claim the Canadian singer will lose his appeal when his voice deepens naturally, something Justin finds annoying. He plans to continue working in the industry for the rest of his life, and doesn’t mind that his tones will change over time. “They say, ‘When he goes through puberty he’s not going to be a good singer anymore,’” Justin admitted. “But I don’t let the haters get to me. The harder Ты work, the еще successful Ты can be. This is just the beginning for me.”
Justin is already finding his voice is changing. His hit Baby requires him to sing a lot of high notes, and the звезда has found it a struggle to reach some of them at Последнее concerts. “It cracks, like every teenage boy’s,” he сказал(-а) of his voice. “Even some of the notes on Baby I can’t hit anymore. We have to lower the key when I sing it live.”
posted by juansalid
PLEASE READ URGENT WATCH QUICK URGENT UUUURRRRGGGEEENNNTTT QUICK turn on the Ellen Показать at 4:00 today to get the inside scoop on Justin's new girlfriend that has a baby! Justin in Любовь again it can't be????? Stars these days have to many sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo get on the TV and check out Justin Beiber four ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo clock got it 4:00.Do Ты like Justin Beiber ?well than tune in tonight I don't watch TV I am just helping Ты out so tune in on the ellen Показать why do I keep saying that ?But who is Justin Beiber really dating send me an answer do Ты think that she's good for him what do Ты Think please send in your answers
posted by TotallyHannah
He loves her … he loves her not — TMZ has learned, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomezhave broken up multiple times in the last few months.

Sources in a position to know tell us, Biebs and Selena most recently ended things last week — but have since decided to give their relationship another try … kinda.

We’re told Justin and Selena’s current situation is tenuous … they’re not “solid” … they’re just figuring things out.

They’ve been dating for roughly a год and a half.

posted by AmberC2010
Whats ur Избранное JB song?? I Любовь them all, but here are some lyrics to the ones that I think are the best:

Justin Bieber - Pick Me Lyrics

Woah oh yeah
(Woah oh yeah)
Eh Eh
Woah oh oh oh yeah
You’re the finest girl i’ve ever seen
And i wanna do Ты know this
Every guy Ты meet ends up having feelings for ya
You can any of ‘em
You can take your pick
But Ты need to check with me
Girl I promise I
I can take ya to the movies
We’ll be there holding hands
I’ll walk Ты Главная from school
I’ll walk Ты to your classes
Playing my 360 yeah you’ll be my best friend
But most of all baby doll you’ll be my...
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posted by cleo-mermaid
IN the late afternoon chilly dark, the pop звезда Justin Bieber, 15, emerged from the radio station in Providence, R.I., where he had just been interviewed. As if on cue, a large pack of tween girls screamed and pounced.

With his mother, Pattie Mallette, in Providence, R.I.

So did their mothers.

“Justin, my daughter Elizabeth is going to your Показать tonight!” shouted one woman, shoving girls out of the way to push her cellphone camera in Mr. Bieber’s face. “Want a play дата with her, Justin?”

A shriek, presumably from the mortified Elizabeth: “Mom!”

Justin, blessed with excellent mop-top...
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Last week, Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber stared at one another across the abyss that is the Internet. The two were engaged in a head-to-head battle over who would score еще YouTube views, as both Bieber's "Baby" and Gaga's "Bad Romance" were barreling headlong toward 250 million total streams (a staggering number for anybody). Bieber's clip ultimately surged ahead (he's currently up by nearly four million views), leaving Gaga in секунда place.
But there is another area where Gaga is dominant. Recently, she celebrated crossing the five million follower threshold on her Twitter account, making her...
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Justin Bieber has once again made upward advances on the Billboard 200 chart this week. As the numbers were released today by Nielsen SoundScan, both Lady Gaga and the Biebz have seen how summer performances have increased album sales.
As Justin continues touring the country on his My World tour, the teen pop звезда has seen increased popularity in his "My World 2.0 album." Justin's album jumped up 2 spots last week with sales of over 41,000 copies. This week, he is up one spot into the No. 5 position. His sales increased by 4% as Фаны purchased over 43,000 copies of the album.