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If Ты are Чтение this, what the %^&* are Ты thinking!? Yes Ты might be his superfan, yes Ты might have the hots for JB, but fact of the matter is he has a life outside of the stage and away from the microphone. If Ты are truly his fan, Ты should respect his Космос and not try to hunt him down...that's called being a stalker. While I get it that he's an entertainer and that he should please the fans, that does not mean that these "fans" should breathe down his neck every дана секунда trying to get them to do who knows what (if Ты use KIK, Ты should know what I'm talking about).

To the fans, grow up and leave him alone.
posted by KITTYGIRL54
rumor has it that Justin Bieber is in Canada because of his stupid choices to drink and drive how dum do u think that is.Justin Bieber was charged with drunken driving ,resisting arrest and driving without a valid license after police saw the pop звезда улица, уличный racing in a Lamborghini in Miami on January 23.''what the f*** did i do?'' he asked the officer.now Justin is in Canada with his mother and his mother is now begging so he can return until then his career is destroyed Selena is long gone after his arrest and she was cheated on with 23 год old mimi
posted by myishia_bieber
justin bieber is a great guy and yeah he dose do some stupid жопа, попка shit some times but hes only human so he cant help it!!!! and Ты no what ive done some stupid shit in my years to and i havent met a person yet that hasnt!!! so stop baggin on him for doing stupid shit!!! what do people do when there in there 20s thats right the sam exact shit hes doing!!!! i dont care how many times he went to jail hes always ganna be my boy and hes sexy and smart and fun and a great singer and dancer!!! but most of all hes a good guy!!!!!!
posted by justinssoulmate
everyone I am justins long Остаться в живых lover, and we are madly in love!!! we are made for eachother bitches, so back of my lover boy, like totally luv um like so much thanks !!!!!............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.....................xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx........................xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx...................xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.........xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx....................xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx...............................x............................................<3<3<3
Many people in the media lately like to say mean things about Justin Bieber. Justin many not be the best role model because of his drinking and smoking, but he is a good role model because i believe he teaches people to follow their dreams. He grew up from not having a lot to becoming an amazing entertainer. Thank God Ашер mentored him. He may be wild sometimes, but he is talented and he is a good person. He is not at all greedy или selfish. He is trying to make a living of what he does best.

Many people are just hateful. When other celebrites do bad things, they forgive them just because they like them. But people are watching Justin's every move. Hating on him for things that I am sure they do. Everyone at one point или another in their life is going to smoke weed или make bad decisions. Justin Bieber can contorl his whole life. We are not the judge. God is.
posted by vicki4000
hi im vicki and i Любовь justinbieber. I would Любовь to go see him in concert. He is my inspiration. He is cute and i Любовь him........................ Ive always wanted to meet him. I Любовь his song baby and one less lonley girl. I Любовь those Видео where he is Пение to a Фан onstage. I always dream of me being up there one day.... I Любовь u justinbieber..!

Justinbiebr is who i mostly listen to... I Любовь him so much. I have posters on my wall. I have read everything about him. If u needed Вопросы answered i would be the one to go to.
 legal notice for JB :/
legal notice for JB :/
Troubled Justin Bieber could be quizzed over his personal habits and even alleged drug use in a Los Angeles tribunal on Tuesday.

Bieber is facing еще legal woes after being called to appear at an employment tribunal over his treatment of his ex housekeeper.

Lawyers have subpoenaed the Canadian звезда for interview at the hearing.

Our exclusive paperwork (scroll down to read it) shows Bieber, 20, has been called to appear as a witness.

The star’s former housekeeper, Tatiana Vozniouk, is fighting the звезда against her dismissal last year. Vozniouk also claims that Bieber and his handlers have blocked...
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posted by coolchris98
Justin bieber cant be perfect like sometimes he gets in trouble like going to jail but everybody makes mastakes they could change but Ты just got to belive to make it better if Ты say boo and crazy things like that it dosent make it better it makes it worse and that's my way of Justin bebier thanks for Чтение my Статья bye and hope Ты like it thanks and vote for me if Ты like it and I thought a lot about this so Далее time Ты make a Статья just know it will be great because Ты thought really hard just like I did and I hope my Статья inspiyerd Ты into writeing something great about a famous popstar
posted by sugarsweet076
The whole Далее день no texts или calls from Justin. Ты were very angry. everything anyone did made Ты mad. Jake came over a couple of times which made Ты even еще mad.

"babe" jake сказал(-а) breaking your thought


"I don't think this is working?"

"Huh" Ты сказал(-а) trying to understand what he was saying

"Its over?"


"(y/n) since I saw Ты at the mall Ты act weird" weird? I just miss Justin. I see him for two день and he quits talking to me? that's not like him.it was never like him to do that. he's always been there. forget that he stopped talking to me once. when I kissed this really weird...
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posted by sugarsweet076
the whole день Monday Ты couldn't stay awake. Jake was laughing which woke Ты up a couple of times but other then that Ты fell asleep. Jake never noticed do to the fact he never bothered to check.

After Jake had left that night Ты couldn't sleep. Ты were going to hang with Justin tomorrow. Ты close our eyes then fall fast a sleep. In the morning Ты jumped out of the постель, кровати and got dressed. of course Ты were not going to call him now it was 9 in the morning.You started making breakfast for your mother when she had woke up as Ты just started,

"Good morning mom" Ты say with a smile

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posted by sugarsweet076
it's been еще then two years since you've seen your best friend Justin Bieber. After almost two years Justin is taking a break from the media and is coming to see you. Ты missed him like crazy.

you guys have been Друзья for as long as Ты can remember. once he went on his tour and was going everywhere Ты moved to L.A. Ты guys Остаться в живых touch for awhile but Ты were always backing Justin up 100% Through everything Ты are there. Ты guys only started again when your mother called pattie going through her old phone. Ты got dressed pulled your hair in a bun and waited for the call from him. hours...
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posted by tigerlover14
First I'll acknowledge
Your trust has been broken now
A successful recovery
I pray for us at night

Blessed me with a секунда chance
Never thought I'd see your face again
Learned a lot through trial and error
Tryna make it right

Make it right
Make it right
Make it right
It's time to do ya right
Woooooooah woah, wooooooooaaah

Missin' ya good intentions
Missin' ya from a distance
Hope ya did the same

I know that I caused a problem
I Know that I left Ты livid
Pushed Ты far away

Learned it don't pay to lie
Costs еще to see Ты cry
Sayin' nothing gets Ты nowhere fast
Imma hold it back inside

Well now that I'm back around...
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 Claudio Encarnacion Montero, Harry Styles and Justin Bieber (Getty)
Claudio Encarnacion Montero, Harry Styles and Justin Bieber (Getty)
New York, 4 December (AP) -. Magazine 'Glamour' published its Список of the "Sexiest Men of 2013 ', which is completely different from the ranking hailed' People '. Voting for 'Glamour' Henry Cavill made ​​receives the Название of the first, while for 'People', Adam Levine is the sexiest man.

As mentioned, the public elected the sexiest men by voting and obviously adolescents were not without choice. Thus Harry Styles is ranked 6th in the list, definitely a tremendous appreciation that could inflate his ego. Not for nothing, the member of One Direction is a real hunk.

Four places below, Justin...
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posted by sterllingfan123
Ты people call people haters when your the hater Ты guys are about to hear what I think u guys im not saying anything bad about justin im saying what I think Ты guys think justin is cool and thats how lies start Ты guys fight and boom Ты guys go crazy like over reacting I know justin is cute and sings totaly awesome im saying my opinon.u know all im saying is justin is a bad influence he smokes,cheats and dates so many girls and u fight for that but Ты like him and I think hes just cute and sing perfect.comment on this and Показать a piece of your mind.
posted by sterllingfan123
Why are we thinking justin is our hero he is very upsetting he should change his act people think he is a good remodel but look at his changes when he was 12 and through now.we should think again and Показать how he should react changes should be good we should also no longer do crazy stuff just over some crazy things . We should think again but correctly like think of Bridget mendler we could change the world no matter what he is people think of him he is no longer who we thought he was we could say he is not the same but may be cute. We should not make a bad person look good look at ourselves justin may not be our hero but other people could so post and let me know. Just post at sterllingfan123
this is not fair justin bieber is our hero he has saved many many teen girls from commiting suicide he is the person we look up to he makes us happy he is our inspiration
yet haters call him gay its not right they should imagine what its like being judged by the whole world most of them would just hide away from the whole world but not him he is amazing
and no he isnt perfect he is just a human
but he is perfect us us us beliebers out in this world so they need to figure it out there are many of us we are a family . we wont let anything come between us and our amazing idol beliebers are forever no matter what happens so lets just Показать peole our selves when they tell Ты that Ты cant just turn around and say watch me !!!!
we re together forever xxx us beliebers forever xxx
Singer Taylor быстрый, стремительный, свифт reportedly does not approve of friend Selena Gomez's on-and-off relationship with singer Justin Bieber. This has caused trouble in the ladies' friendship.

Swift, 23, feels that Gomez is committing a mistake by giving Bieber repeated секунда chances, reports Us Weekly magazine.

"Taylor hates him. She thinks Selena makes a mistake every time she reconciles with him. Bieber has really come between the girls," a Источник said.

Meanwhile Bieber is also not pleased with Swift's constant interference.

"He complains Taylor's always telling Selena she can do better," a Источник said.

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JUSTIN DREW BIEBRR is one of the most amazing , talented, brave, honest and hardworking Singers I have ever seen. He has no match if people call him gay или girly just because he cried while his performance on the song "DOWN TO EARTH" it was because he was missing his mom n dad he was away from them for a long while n he was Письмо songs for our entertainment n what we do in return? he wrote this song for his Фан to listen that how much pain he is in... but some people just like to play with others feeling which isn't right I think such people don't deserve to be entertained he put his heart...
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Girl Ты don't know how I feel (how I really feel)
Since Ты been away, oh baby
Any chance that Ты could take my call (take my call), if I got Ты today
You say that Ты don't wanna talk but it's cool
I've been thinking about Ты all день long, hoping Ты pick up your phone

And I know that I don't wanna lose your love, oh baby, oh baby, oh baby

Oh girl I got a secret place that we can go
'Cause I really wanna be alone
And baby nobody else gotta know
Just meet me later on the low

Don't tell me you're my heartbreaker
'Cause girl my сердце is breaking
Don't tell me you're my heartbreaker
'Cause girl my heart...
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Los Angeles: Singer Justin Bieber says that certain scents are attached to his memories and remind him of different things.

For the 19-year-old scent plays an important role in identifying with things, reports femalefirst.co.uk

"Scent is definitely something that sticks in my memory. There are certain smells - trees, plants, foods - that just remind me of being Главная in Stratford (Canada). They sneak up on me - just smells that are tied to memories," Pops magazine quoted Bieber as saying.

Bieber also likes girls who wear his range of perfumes- The Key

"I like my scents on girls. When a girl smells...
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