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This Джастин Бибер фото contains hip boot and thigh boot.

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 Justin Bieber now
Justin Bieber now
Justin Bieber is my idol,inspiration,hes my EVERYTHING!

Q1) Why am i a Фан of Justin Bieber?
-Well actually im not a fan,im a BELIEBER. Im a belieber because i beliebe justin bieber is the best singer i have heard in the whole entire universe.He is also very talented and i dont know a single person in the world who is as talented as he is. Is there anything he cant do? :P

Q2) When did i become a belieber of Justin Bieber?
-Well i have been a belieber of him since the first video that i saw of him which was With You. I will be honest,i havent been a Фан since HIS first ever video cause i never...
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Today i was watching justin bieber flirting with Ты and it was hilarious but creepy at the same time soo dreamy. Ты guys should watch it.just go to Youtube and type in justin bieber flirting with you.

I remember when i first saw him i was at justice and his song one time and i was like whose that hottie! I always heard his song but never saw his sexy face!since then ive loved him!Now im sitting here with the bieber fever... and i Любовь the feeling! i wanna be his valentine but I've never met him. (sigh). But i Любовь Ты justin. and ima tell one time that im your number one Фан (lol)! his hair is song dreamy and talk about his eyes and dreamy smile! if i met the jonas brother i would have said,"no ugly allowed 'cause justin bieber beat Ты by a long shot"! keep up with the good work. omjb im starting to sound like me teacher because she always says that. Peace!<3
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