Here are some Ответы to the Вопросы you've asked Keith in here over the past couple months, answered by Keith.

1. Just wondering what is your Избранное movie of all time??? Jaws или the Goonies all surf DVDS

2. Do Ты rock a certain brand wetsuit? Ripcurl

3. What is your inspiration? Peoples reactions.

4. Эй, Keith, I know Ты сказал(-а) pixie was actually your sister's dog, but is there anyway we could see a pic? i'll see what i can doo...

5. So, Keith, I have seen a few pics of Ты at Starbucks. What do Ты order when Ты go there? Same thing every time или do Ты change it up? change it up .. spice it up ! ! !

6. After recording Lauren & I for Celtic Thunder, to WHOM does the song now belong?? Its mine.

7. Have Ты been asked to play гитара on any tracks for the Celtic Thunder CD's? yeah i have, i played the гитара on "Castles in the Air," "Lauren and I," and "Homes of Donegal."

8. Keith do U help out at home? Take out the trash? Do the dishes? Of course i a well raised boy!

9. How tall are you? 6ft 1"

10. I would like to hear the story about Keith running naked through his school. you dont want to know

11. Keith I was wondering about all your jewelry that Ты wrist band was a skull ring was also a gift that my Друзья all got together and bought for my 21st birthday, my indian ring and my card ring was bought of a guy called Pedro on a пляж, пляжный in Indonesia, my saddle ring my uncle Seany gave to me, my Золото n black was дана to me from my beloved granny, and my Золото n red was a Рождество present дана to me from my folks, i have loads actually!

12. What was your most memorable дата & where did Ты go??? Longest relationship?? i've never had a relationship and best to дата has to have been playing for president Obama and his family!

13. When will Ты make a Музыка video? God knows but i'd Любовь too!

14. Does anyone know what time Keith was birthed? Nope

15. Does anyone know if Keith receives his Фан mail? Does he actually reads his Фан mail или take Главная gifts? Yup!

16. I'm just watching the full episode (not just the clipped YouTube version) of Surf Power / Planet Mechanics - really fascinating! - and I am curious, do Ты still power your Surf Shack with that mechanism they devised? How is the power - can Ты have everything going at once или just lights или CD player или amp, etc? Have other people followed suit to build something similar themselves? when we are there yes..but i havnt been there in a while!

17. Of all the studios you've recorded in, which one is your favorite, and why? Sphere Studios in Лондон или Metropolis или Amberville so all of them!

18. Give one good reason why Ты pick on Damian (Because he's there doesn't count) I dont pick on him.

19. Do Ты prefer small intimate gigs, или the full arena type thing? I guess the Вопрос should be, what type of двуколка, концерт are Ты most comfortable in? most comfortable on any stage id doesn't matter, i give the same performance no matter what size the stage!

20. I was just wondering how Ты start your day? i wake up.