King of the холм, хилл Suburb of which city?

hankcoran posted on Jul 18, 2010 at 01:37AM
I've heard conflicting views on which city Arlen is a suburb of. Which is it, Dallas or Austin? I think Austin. Dallas always seems like its so far away and getting to it is like an adventure, or forced (we need to get there before the gangs wake up). Just wondering what yall think.

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Больше года piperlovegood said…
I would like to know this to as I'm a suburb of Dallas but when I go there it's to see Doctors that won't touch me here because they're afraid of people like Lucky. But I think your right Dallas does seem like a big deal to them.
renaldok commented…
I'm pretty sure Mike Judge сказал(-а) it was based off Austin. Больше года