Kairi stood out on the пляж, пляжный on the lsland. The breeze blew through her hair, Laughing and telling its secrets in her ears and throughout the island. The smell of tropical fruits and salt lingered in the air. The sand was covered in foorprints, For the teenagers had been chasing Kair's dog, Lucy, the entire day. Lucy now laid down Далее to Kairi and settled there for the day. Kairi looked back at her dog and smiled. It was nice to have a Lifelong companion. Kairi looked back out to sea. A sea spray kicked up right about then, and she had to momentarily close her eyes as it blew past. She hesitated for a минута after it ended, Making sure it was done, and opened her eyes to see........nothing. Kairi sighed. Its been like that since Sora and Riku left. She hoped they would be there when she opened her eyes. kairi sat onto the sand Далее to Lucy and pulled her knees up to her chest and hugged them. The breeze snaked its way through her hair. Kairi then watched the ocean, felt it seep thrugh her shoes with every oncoming wave, and smelled it with every sea spray and breeze. It was almost like she was a part of the ocea, the way she would sit there and stare at it. Pretty soon, she heard a door close adn footsteps coming her way."Kairi!" Kairi whipped her head around to see selphie, a little younger than her, Make her way towards her. "Its time to go." She held up her bag." I keep frogetting my bag here. I wonder if im influencing you." Kairi smiled, then stood up. "No, Selphie, your not influencing me." Kairi Leaned down and poked lucy."C'mon girl. Time to go home." Lucy looked p and yawned at them, Making her laugh. "Hey kairi, I couldnt get Вопрос five for our homework, so maybe later Ты and i could get together
and................." Kairi tuned out about then. She focused on Lucy. "Kairi?"
"Your still worried about them, arent you?"
Kairi looked out onto the ocean.
"Yeah. I am."
"I know they will come back."
"Im not too sure."
Kairi broke out of her daze and headed towards the Boats. "Kairi?" Selphie asked, a little worried. Kairi untied the лодка and was about to get on when she laughed at somehting that popped into her head."Kairi?" Selphie asked again." I think Ты are an influence." Selphie frowned."GO get your bag!"

Meanwhile, On the islands, A short, Brunette Girl was watchig their conversation. The one Redhead left to get her bag, whle the one with оранжевый hair waited until after she got back.Then the two with a Jack Russel left the island for the day." Its all clear." A deep voice сказал(-а) from the shadows. The girl walked out."Is she the one?" The deep voiced guy nodded his head.'Thats the girl were looking for. The one named kairi." The guy reached down and took her hand. "Tomorrow, we'll take her. Then we'll go to ansems to claim our reward." The girl hopped up and down. "Then we'll have enough money to get as many Sea-Salt ice creams we can get!" he boy nodded."Yes. Soon we'll get as much munny as we can possibly get." The girl stoppd jumping and poked his cheek."But, why are we kidnabbing this girl? She's really pretty. Why not that other one?" The boy looked at the Little one with admiration."Because she is one of the princesses of hearts. Ansem neds her to take over the world." The little girl let go of the guys hand and started jumping again."Wont that mean that This world wont exist anymore?" The boy laughed. "Silly. Thats not possible. NO world can dissapear." The girl Jumped over towards a big rock."Then lets stay the night here!" The boy stood up and picked the little girl up."Why?" The girl poked his nose and laughed."So we can get the Munny faster!" The boy Facepalmed and laughed also."Of corse! Brilliant! We'll stay the night. Then kidnap the girl and Claim the reward. Then maybe Vanitas will stop making fun of us!" He set the little girl down."Alright, Chika. Ты anna race?" The girl nodded her head so fast he thought that it would roll off her shoulders. "Okay. Ready..." The girl squatted into a running position."Set..." The boy also squatted into a running position, and they stayed like that until their legs hurt."GO!" They both took off, Laughing and teasing all the way.